‘Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt’ I 100% Fix

Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt: Windows is considered to be one of the most efficient and preferable operating systems. This all due to its nature of receiving regular and continuous updates from its parent sources.

Keeping the Windows operating system updated helps individuals to function on their systems more smoothly. It increases their level of productivity and efficiency.

An outdated version of Windows may lead to various problems and difficulty in the functioning of operations. One may become more prone to have exposure to the following problems:-

  • Security’s problem
  • Performance issues and
  • Bugs are hampering their daily operations.

If any person suffers from any of the above-stated problems, they may use Windows update troubleshooter application. There exists an inbuilt feature in the software to give automatic updates to the Windows and fixing up bug issues.

However, Windows update troubleshooter may also become ineffective many times. It might fail in its operations to assist the system and its OS, i.e., Windows for having automatic updates. These problems should be fixed up. One of such problems arising out of bugs issues is the error of Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt.

Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt

7 Ways to Fix Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt Error

The error of Service Registration is missing or corrupt do also have varied methods, techniques and steps to fix it up. Some of the most preferred and effective solutions to fix up such error are as follows:-

Method #1 Uninstall Antivirus Software

Antivirus software intentionally fixes up various bugs without seeking permission of its users. There exist several instances when the antivirus software does not allow the system to perform varied functions.

It may lead to files crashing and arising from various errors. One may try to uninstall antivirus software for fixing up such bugs and issues by following the undermentioned steps:-

Step 1: First, give the command of Windows + R to open the Run application.

Step 2: A dialogue box will be appeared out of this action. Then type control panel and confirm his action by pressing the Enter button.

Step 3: Next, open the control panel. Then tap on the “uninstall a program” option which will be showing there on the leftmost side of the screen.

Step 4: It will lead the Windows to pop-up with the whole set of the installed program in the system to show together. The user needs to navigate through them all in order to find out the antivirus system hailing the performance.

Step 5: Now, select the uninstall option. At last, reboot the system in order to check the current status of the concerned problem.

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Method #2 Start Windows Update Procedure

The first step taken to fix up the error of Service Registration is missing or corrupt is to update Windows OS. The main reason behind failures resulting such error is the use of an outdated version of Windows. One may try to update Windows on their system by following undermentioned steps:-

Step 1: Firstly, the user needs to give the command to the system by pressing “Windows Key + R” together. Run window will appear.

Step 2: Secondly, the user needs to type “services.msc” in the run box. Then tap on the “OK” button.

Step 3: Next, the user needs to navigate and select “Windows Update” option. “Windows Update Properties” dialogue box will open.

Step 4: Then, set the “Startup Type” settings option to Automatic automatic mode.

Step 5: If any error occurs, then he may need to select “Start” button. This will enable the service option while confirming his action by tapping on the OK button.

Step 6: Then, repeat the guidelines mentioned above to restart the “Background Intelligent Transfer Service.” Also, repeat those steps to restart “Cryptographic Service.”

Step 7: Finally, by installing the required updates, the error of service registration is missing or corrupt, will disappear.

Method #3 Immobilize Windows Firewall Temporarily

Disabling any third party application which is set up as a default antivirus software temporarily has also proven beneficial. Generally, one of the most preferred antivirus software is a “Windows Firewall”. Temporarily disabling or immobilizing Windows firewall software requires the following steps to be followed:-

Step 1: Firstly, open “Control Panel” by tapping on the “Windows Firewall” option.

Step 2: Then select “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off.” Popping up on the left side of the screen. Next, select the Radio button which will arise just next to “Turn off Windows Firewall” option.

Step 3: At last, tap on OK button.

Note: It is advisable to the user to turn on the Windows firewall immediately after fixing up the bugs and issues in order to maintain the overall security and safety system.

Method #4 Run SFC Or Scannow Command

A system taking commands from unauthorised access points and platforms may also lead to arising of such error. Using this method, you can detect and fix up the concerned commands which are affecting the performance leading to this error.

Following steps are needed to be followed for initiating SFC or scannow command:-

Step 1: First of all, press “Windows Key + X” together as a command to click on “Command Prompt” option.

Step 2: Secondly, process the concerned command by typing “sfc /scannow” in the dialogue box and confirming it.

All this process may take a couple of minutes. One needs to be patience during its operations in order to make the command execute it’s functioning effectively and efficiently.

Method #5 Change Some Registry Values

Making alterations in registry values of Windows through the Windows Registry Editor tool has also proven beneficial. Windows registry editor tool is considered to be one of the preferable applications due to its efficiency in function.

However, it requires a decent level of care and compatibility elements alongside functioning assistance to the concerned application. If Applicability key does have any other value besides the Default value. Given below are steps needed to be followed for altering Registry Values:

Step 1: First of all, click on Windows + R to open the Run application in order to launch the registry editor.

Step 2: Now, navigate to the following file path using the left navigation pane.


Step 3: Then, locate ThresholdOptedIn value on the right side of the screen. After that right-click it and select Delete.

Step 4: Finally, restart your computer and check if the problem was solved.

If Applicability key doesn’t have any other value besides the Default value. Given below are steps needed to be followed for altering Registry Values:

Step 1: Firstly, navigate to the following file path using the left navigation pane:


Step 2: Secondly, right-click on the empty space on the right side of the screen and select NewString.

Step 3: Next, set the name of the new string as “BranchName“. After the new string is created, double-click it and type “fbl_impressive” in the Value data box. Press OK to save changes.

Step 4: Now, create a new string just like we did above and name that new string as “Ring”. Set the Value data as “low”. Press OK to save changes.

Step 5: Exit the Registry Editor. At last, restart your computer so all the changes can be implemented. Check if the problem gets solved.

However, there exist several instances as well, where making alterations in Registry values doesn’t resolve anything. In that case, follow undermentioned steps for removal of the error of Service Registration is missing or corrupt:-

Step 1: First of all, navigate to the same file path we were working on in the steps above.

Step 2: Then, double click on the “Ring” string we just created. Now, change its value from “low” to “WIF“.

Step 3: After that, create a new string just like we did above and name that new string as “ThresholdRiskLevel“. Next, set the Value data to “Low“. Press OK to save changes.

Step 4: Finally, exit the Registry Editor and restart your computer so all the changes can be implemented. Check if the problem gets solved.

Method #6 Create A Local Account

Creating local accounts can also make this error disappear. These local accounts assist the system in granting access to the administrator from concerned parental sources.

Following steps are required to be followed in order to create local accounts in the system:-

Step 1: At first, open administrator account and typing settings in the start menu of the dialogue box.

Step 2: Then, tap on “Family and other users” option. Now, he needs to select the option of “Add someone else to this PC“.

Step 3: A new window will open. Next, tap on “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information” option.

Step 4: Now, he chooses the option of “Add a user without Microsoft” in order to make the Windows prompt to function in the user’s accordance.

Step 5: You’ll be asked to enter the details and password creation for proceeding further. Then go through the SettingsAccountsYour Account.

Step 6: The user will see an option of “Sign in with local account instead“. Now, sign in with the recently created ID and then click on the next.

Step 7: After proceeding accordingly, click on “Sign out and finish“. It will enable the user to access the system through another account.

Step 8: Then, proceed to Settings and Accounts.

Step 9: Then select the option of “Sign in with a Microsoft Account instead“. Sign in there and delete the older account for fixing up issues.

Method #7 Problems With Wireless Connectivity

Recently introduced software and applications from Microsoft do face a problem of slow connectivity speed via the internet. Microsoft has officially announced the bugs arising out of its software along with their solutions.

These bugs make the websites to load slowly and even sometimes to crash and making another file corrupt. These problems may also cause concerning errors to arise.

However, the source problem behind these errors in such cases will be associated with wireless internet connectivity.

Following are the steps by Microsoft to fix such errors by changing Registry Values:-

Step 1: Firstly, give the command of Windows + R to open the Run application. It will lead a dialogue box to appear.

Step 2: Secondly, type “regedit” and then confirm your action by tapping the enter button. The registry editor will open.

Step 3: Now, navigate the undermentioned panel:


Step 4: Then, search the item named “TXAMSDU” shown on the right side of the screen. He needs to change its value from “1” to “0” by a double click on the option.

Step 5: Finally, save and confirm the changes made in the settings option before making an exit. Then he may require to reboot the system to check that whether the problem has been resolved or not.

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Just like an aspect of technology, the error of Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt also have varied reasons behind its occurrence. One may get frustrated If popping up of such error continues to highlight on user’s screen.

It can lead to lagging performances and lesser productivity. It will hamper the overall function of the system. By following the above-mentioned steps, one may try to resolve the problem up to its maximum extent. These steps have been tried by a majority of users and have benefited them in varied ways.