Error Code 0xc00d36c4 (Can’t Play) I 100% Fix

Error Code: 0xc00d36c4 is a slip that will occur whereas making an attempt to play specific audio or video files. This error happens due to the spread of reasons primarily associated with putting in updates to the Windows system. Such error codes seem to tell the user of the matter and sometimes assist the fixer in locating a haul.

Error Code: 0xc00d36c4 While Playing Videos and Music

Firstly, users might encounter Error Code 0xc00d36c4 after they attempt to access files that they produce on certain devices. For example; on Smartphones, DVDs and GoPro. Such files could also be unsupported, and therefore we tend to cannot play them.

Error Code 0xc00d36c4 can also show up thanks to the non-functional of the Windows Application Store. It should be caused by errors in committal to writing or numerous bugs being put in throughout the update method. Such instances occur even a lot of often once 2 users share constant PC with two completely different user accounts. Its because changes created on one account can also interfere with the functioning of the opposite account.

5 Ways to Fix Error Code 0xc00d36c4 While Playing Videos/Music

Method #1 Download the VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is one of the most highly rated and popular videos playing software. It is recommended to use VLC Media Player to tackle the Error Code 0xc00d36c4. VLC Media player is one of the few media playing software that offers a varied range of audio and video file formats to be played on it without any issues.

VLC is better than the Windows Media Player, Xbox, Groove, etc. A simple guide to get started with a VLC media player. Download VLC media player from its official website and follow the prompts to cleanly Install VLC.

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Method #2 Fixing the Codec

Codec is basically the underlying information regarding the compression and decompression of data. If a file doesn’t have the appropriate codec, the user won’t be able to play the file correctly. It can be easily addressed by converting the file to a more appropriate one. Such video converters while being easily available is also safe and secure to use. Being more user-friendly, these are relied upon to play the files.

Step 1: First of all, download a popular video converter or Video Repair Tool. Follow the installation guide to complete the setup.

Step 2: Then search for the corrupted file and add it to the program.

Step 3: Finally, follow the instructions on the screen and either repair the damaged file or simply change the file format.

Method #3 Run the Troubleshooter for Windows Media Player

Follow these steps to solve the 0xc00d36c4 error:

Step 1: Firstly, use Windows + S. Then, search for Troubleshooting and select the same.

Step 2: Secondly, navigate towards the main right panel.

Step 3: Next, select “Run the Troubleshooter.” Follow the on-screen prompts.

Method #4 Turn off Copy Protection on Windows Media Player

Turning off Copy Protection on Windows Media Player is one of the most working methods to ensure that the error doesn’t come back later on.

Step 1: Firstly, use the shortcut Windows + S and search for Windows Media Player.

Step 2: Secondly, navigate towards the top left corner and choose the Organize option. Next, select Options and select the “Rip Music” tab.

Step 3: At last, uncheck “Copy Protect Music” and click OK to complete the process.

Method #5 Reconfiguring the Playback Settings

Error 0xc00d36c4 can also be caused by altering the Playback settings. This can be done either by another user or even malware. Reconfigure the settings, and the error will vanish.

Step 1: Navigate towards the bottom right corner and right-click on the Volume button.

Step 2: Click on the “Playback devices” option from the menu. Then select “Speaker” and scroll towards the bottom of the box and choose “Configure Options“.

Step 3: A list of all the audio channels is shown on the Speaker setup window. Test each and every channel until you find the corrupt one.

Step 4: At last, unselect all the faulty speakers and check if the Error Code: 0xc00d36c4 still persists.

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Hopefully, this article provides you with the necessary information to resolve this error. However, annoying this error may seem, the Error Code: 0xc00d36c4 is fairly easy to do. This error is one of the errors that need to be solved in order to be able to watch without being frustrated.