10 Best Sites Like ‘Craigslist’ to Buy or Sell in 2023

In today’s world, everyone likes shopping and tries new things every day. If you love to sell and buy the products that are mainly located near you, you may have heard the Craigslist site, which is known for selling and buying the local products.

You like the trade of products locally because the exchange of money and product becomes easy and onsite. On Craigslist, the listing and selling of products are free; that’s why it is so popular and loved by the people.

Sites Like Craigslist to Buy or Sell

Craigslist has many advantages but lacks in some points and there could be many reasons you were not using the Craigslist. Here are some best alternatives to Craigslist, which you can use to sell or buy the local products.

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10 Best Sites Like Craigslist to Buy or Sell in 2023

1. Facebook

Facebook keeps trying to add new features daily and trying to make applications useful. Facebook has also launched Facebook Marketplace. In the Facebook Market place, you can sell your product to the local people and buy the product from the seller near to you.

Facebook Marketplace has gained huge success in the past days; it is a simple and safe place to trade; you can go to the seller directly and conduct the traction. There are many local groups where you can connect and sell or buy local people’s products.

2. Letgo

You must hear the name Letgo site; it is also one of the popular sites like Craigslist. In this site, you can search for a particular product or filter out your preference. You can check the latest product listed recently. Also, it is the safest site it verifies its user before going to the site. You can verify by your Google account and Facebook, which gives it an extra point from the Craigslist. In Letgo you can add the video with pictures.

3. Swappa

Swappa is where you can shop or buy electronics products. It is a famous site for electronic goods. In Swappa, you have great deals for electronics like Mobile Phones, Laptops, cameras, or Television near you. Swappa also has one of the best features that you don’t have to pay any fees for selling the products, which is rare to the other sites. But you have to pay small fees for buying the product from the Swappa because it provides you the security for the good products, you get the fee back if you don’t like the product from Swappa.

4. Recycler

It is one of the largest sites like Craigslist in the US market, in US Recycler is a nice option for selling and buying, but it is not so popular in the small towns of the US. But it is trendy in the big cities of the US.

Recycler is not for selling or buying the product you can rent or find the house on the site. You can connect the product to the other sites after listing it to the Recycler like Facebook and Twitter. In Recycler, you can stand out your product by using the ads feature of the site.

5. Offerup

It is a small site in the market but has all the basic features and has a good listing. It has a rating system that makes it simple to make your choice, and it can give the trust of the seller and buyer also. It has a cart system, which is a feature of rally big sites, but it offers the feature which can a good sign of the site. It is 20 million-plus active user which makes the site trustworthy and make it to the list.

6. Oodle

If you are a fan of antique things, you can check out the Oodle because it has a good antique collection. It has a feature to list the product and advertise it on Facebook, Oodle has all the product. Oodle deals with all the products like sell your pets, appliances, household products, etc. A wide variety of products attracted people the most give a large number of choices in the list.

7. Bookoo

Bookoo is a secure and simple site to use and has a store across the country, making the deals easy and secure. It is a new site with a low number of users, but its stores make it a useful and secure site to use. In Bookoo, you have to write a bio and add a profile picture to gain the seller or buyer’s trust, which is a good feature to have on the site. To give more support, it has many features like live-chat and has social-media support also.

8. Trove Market

Trove Market is a simple and secure buy and sells site; in this, you have a wide variety of products. Trove Market has a simple and beginner-friendly site that has all the features. Trove Market has good customer support and has a lot of listing products on the site. Trove Market includes electronics, furniture, cars, and frames, etc. Trove Market is simple and has a secure trade option, and customer support of the site makes all the traction smooth and simple.

Trove Market has different and great features like live-chat support and chat between the buyer and seller. Also, it has a record of fake users, which make the site secure and useful too.

9. Geebo

Geebo is an older site, which makes it a trustworthy site, it is built in the year 1999. Geebo site makes a trade with various products like heavy machines, cars, household products, and real estate. It is a popular site in the US’s big cities if you live there, you can try to site.

It has all the advanced, and it is more secure than Craigslist, making it one of Craigslist’s best alternatives. It has the drawbacks that it is not popular in smaller US states but has great hipe in large US cities.

10. Hoobly

Hoobly is a great alternative to Craigslist, it has a similar interface, and the same feature Hoobly has a wide range of products and has a wide range of locations. Hoobly has a listing of products from all over Europe and Canada, giving more options.

You have the option to go with many products on the site like pets or household products etc. Hoobly could be a great alternative to Craigslist.

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If you want to sell or buy any product, you must check and try to have chat before going for the product in Craigslist or any alternatives to Craigslist. It is important to check the trade rules and the amount of listing on the best buy site.