Top 7 Best ‘CAD Software’ For All Levels

As we all know that our technology is going to be advance day by day, there is huge change also came in designing field. In the early days, people make all the designs of objects or any project manually. But now time changes and there is the development of various designing software.

This software is used by engineers, designers, programmers for designing various models or working on different projects. CAD (Computer-Aided Designing) software is also a kind of designing software.

It has many purposes like making product designs, 3D designing, and also making prosthetics. People also use CAD software for making virtual designs of the house or big projects of multinational companies. It is a very useful software for all designers and engineers. It reduces their time of making designs manually and also provides 3D visualization to their designs.

7 Best CAD Software For All Levels

Here is some best and free CAD software which is used by everyone. CAD software has a good and decent interface that’s why everyone can work on it. No matter you are a professional one or a student, try out any of the given software.

1. TinkerCAD

TinkerCAD is quite simple software and is mainly used by all beginners. If you are at the beginning stage of designing, then try out it. This software has basic features that anyone can easily use them. Anyone can learn designing through this web-based program. In this app, you can easily make various designs or products. Here you can use different shapes mainly blocks to create the object.

The interface of this app is also simple and easy to access. That makes it a more accessible app for making 3D designs. Through this program, a learner can also learn the use of 3D tools that are most common in all designing app or software.

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2. FreeCAD

FreeCAD is the best free tool for all students who want to learn 3D modeling. This tool has basic features that are best for any beginner to learn 3D designing. It has no use for professional purposes.

For all CAD users, it is the best option to use for creating new models or projects. Here you can not only make 3D but also 2D models of your choice. This tool is easy to access for all beginners due to its simplicity and user-friendly interface. It is not like that only beginners can use it, experienced ones can also use it to create models and products.

3. Creo

Creo is another computer-aided designing software for all engineers and designers. It was designed by Parametric Technology Corporation. It has a simple interface with lots of features. The company releases its updated version from time to time. Hence you get more and more additional and advanced features. This software is quite easy to understand and to create designs.

Its latest version Creo 5.0 was released in 2018, with an improved interface after that it became easy to handle for its users. It will be the best option for those who are at the beginning stage of designing and want to work on CAD software. Its 30 days free trial version is specially designed for the new users to give them a general idea about it.

4. BlocksCAD

If you are a student who wants to explore designing and 3D modeling then try out BlocksCAD software. This software is quite similar to TinkerCAD, as here also the blocks are used for creating buildings. It is designed mainly for educational purposes.

The interface is also very user-friendly with similarity to OpenSCAD. But it does not that professional in its use. After learning the use of this program you can easily access the OpenSCAD. without learning any professional learning of 3D modeling.

5. Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is the best software for Auto CAD learners. This software has a user-friendly interface. It is different from other software in the way that it gives you chance to work in collaboration with others on projects. All your work history is going to save in it that ultimately helps you in recalling the changes you made.

It is online software, which you can access through any browser without downloading. Its collaboration feature gives you the chance of getting feedback from others.

6. Solidworks

Solidworks is another best program of solid modeling developed by Dassault Systemes. For all engineers and designers, this will be the best platform for creating industrial objects. Here you get the dimensional sketching feature that makes the resizing quite easier for the users. Only professional users can easily understand its features.

This software works on any Microsoft windows as well as on Intel-based Mac. But it does not accessible on macOS. There are millions of designers and engineers who prefer this software to work on a variety of projects. With all of these features, it will be the best CAD software. But there is a little disappointing thing that it provides a limited import facility.

7. OpenSCAD

Last but with excellent features, OpenSCAD will be the best option for all the engineers. This software is completely free to download and good for making 3D models. It is specially designed for all coders and programmers. That’s why everyone can’t understand its features. Through this software, you can make solid 3D models.

In this, you get all the geometrical shapes with defined parameters that will be very helpful to the users. It is accessible on MS Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux/UNIX. For creating the designs of machine parts, this will be good software. It has mainly two modeling techniques; one is CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry) and the second one is extrusion of 2D outlines.

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We hope this article will be helpful for you in the selection of the best free CAD software. And you get an idea about the CAD software. All the software is completely free for downloading and has a user-friendly interface.

In all of the above-mentioned CAD software, some of them are only for professionals so try out their free version to get a little idea about them. So try out any of them and make amazing designs.