S.U.V. Driver Jumps a Rising Drawbridge in Florida

On Monday morning, a Florida guy recreated a scene straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster on the Main Street Bridge in Daytona, which spans the Halifax River.

The moment the drawbridge opens and an SUV drives through it is caught on camera.

S.U.V. Driver Jumps a Rising Drawbridge in Florida

A S.U.V. Driver Jumps a Rising Drawbridge in Florida

Local NBC affiliate WESH reports that various video views show the motorist smashing through the downed traffic arms at great speed, causing damage to both of them. When the drawbridge began to rise further, the daredevil sped over it, gaining some height as he went.

However, it is unknown whether or not the driver was hurt, despite the fact that the vehicle made it through safely. Both of the traffic signals’ arms broke and needed to be replaced.

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However, no arrest has been made despite police confidence that they have identified the driver.

The Main Streets Bridge in Daytona has a bad notoriety because of all the cars who risk their lives by crossing it illegally. A motorcyclist was recently apprehended for an identical stunt.

On Twitter, Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young warned drivers to avoid the risky practise of speeding across the soaring bridge.

Bonnie Frank, a representative for the Florida Safety Council, told Fox 35, “It’s clearly against the law, that’s why the rails are there.” Frank warned that despite the activity’s apparent daredevilry, it is actually quite risky.

Frank cautioned, “You’re not only risking yourself, you’re jeopardising all those other folks that are also up on that bridge.”

Twitter users weighed in on the new clip. “First focused on ‘jumped the bridge’ before I saw Daytona Beach and still instinctively believed this has to be Florida,” joked one.

Someone else opined, “The law won’t get ’em, but the mountain just could.”

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Accidents involving motorbikes, including those involving the aforementioned bridge, claimed the lives of six individuals in early March, during this year’s Bike Week. Six people were killed during Bike Week in 2020, as reported by Fox 35. Thanks for read our Article S.U.V. Driver Jumps a Rising Drawbridge in Florida.