IG Model Hot Sauce Picture Twitter

Since the November tragedy at Astroworld, in which 10 people were killed due to a crowd surge, Drake has been staying off of social media. But the Toronto rap icon was in the news again when an Instagram model said he threatened to sue her because he allegedly put spicy sauce in a condom after the couple had a sexual encounter.

IG Model Hot Sauce Picture Twitter

An Instagram model allegedly had a filthy session with the ‘God’s Plan’ hitmaker recently, but things went odd when she tried to put the sperm from the open end of the condom in her vagina after he had destroyed it in the bin, as reported by the Instagram page Too Much Hot Tea.

IG Model Hot Sauce Picture Twitter

Reportedly, the model’s temper flared when she learned that Drake had laced the condom with chilli sauce. There’s also talk that Drake admitted to the prank after he hurriedly threw away the condom. The hip-hop icon appears to have brought the subject back up with a mysterious Instagram post.

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That is This Influential Person Who Claims Drake Used Spicy Sauce in a Condom?

The entire alleged exchange between them was documented on the Instagram page Too Much Hot Tea. According to their profile, they met after connecting on Instagram. There has been no disclosure of the Instagram model’s true identity as of yet.

After spending the night together in a romantic capacity, the two apparently had a fantastic time. The model reportedly shed light on the situation by saying that after they left a party, they went back to the hotel, smoked pot, and then became physically engaged after both parties gave their consent.

The model claimed that before he rubbed and sucked her ti**ies, they engaged in some light foreplay. Drake went to the restroom to remove the condom after 20 minutes of passionate making out. The unnamed model feigned to need the restroom before attempting to “fish the condom out of the garbage, untie it, and place the opening end into her vagina.”

She compared the sensation to having molten lava poured into her nether regions. Apparently, the influencer shouted, and Drake ran to check on her, where he later admitted that he had thrown a packet of hot sauce into the condom to destroy the sperm.

After the story broke, Drake supposedly made a joke at the mystery influencer in an Instagram post, writing, “You can have your 15 minutes of fame…

For the next 23 hours and 45 minutes, count me in. Gold medallist, flushed the Magnums just so they not collectin’ my specimens, darn” is a line from Brent Faiyaz’s song “Wasting Time” that seems to address the same problem.

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“Picture Drake Trying To Wangle a Cash Bag Out of You For Child Support”

One social media user responded swiftly to the incident, writing, “Hot sauce condom was good pr for drake, he needed it after what y’all done to him on TikTok.” One person commented, “Drake is P for Puttin hot sauce in his condom,” after a popular phrase used by Gunna Pushin P.

One commenter elaborated, “Drake puts chilli sauce in his used condoms.” As Tristan Thompson puts it, “he pokes holes in his.” One commenter questioned why nobody had mentioned that Drake’s used condom had orange/red cum. She must have known it, but she kept trying to get pregnant nevertheless.

Hot sauce’s fiery hue can’t be concealed. Here, something doesn’t seem to add up. While this was going on, one Twitter user wrote, “Dear unknown insta model who is suing Drake for putting hot sauce in his used condom to kill his sperm so bi**hes like you won’t trap him after going into the toilet and putting his sperm back into you, you are a dumba**.

It seems like you were setting him up for failure. He needs to sue you, you jackass. ‘Drake truly on to sum here with this hot sauce in the condom trick…bouta launch a hot sauce company called plan C,’ one user said.

A second person agreed, saying, “That Drake hot sauce condom story is very implausible. Just picture Drake attempting to wiggle out of paying child support by getting a Money bag. In this case, you simply remove the knot from the used “bag” and empty its contents into the designated area. And then become incensed to the point that you want to file a lawsuit.”