Everything You Need To Know About Apple iOS 15

The Apple iOS 15 is coming out on the 20th of September this year. So practically there is not a lot of time left and the excitement is at an all-time high. People are looking forward to this mobile operating system that had been said to be coming out for a long period of time.

Now there had been some criticism about the new products that Apple had launched in its launch event but it is not always the same and we all know that Apple is not a company known Worldwide for nothing. If you are an iPhone user then you are definitely preparing for this new update and we know it. This update is going to come and bring with it some major changes and quite a few bug fixes. It does not matter which iPhone model you are using whether it is from a long back or you just bought one recently, everyone is getting the update and there is no changing it.

Apple iOS 15

The public beta had been available to the public since July but they are now officially making the release two days from now. The new iPhones that you will buy will already have the system booted up with the iOS 15 and there is Nothing that you need to do except enjoy it, but if you see the people who are already having one then they just have to update to avail all the new awesome features. Talking of features, here are a few if them for you.

A new notification summary will be available on the lock screen for you. This will make the life of the users who are prone to not read notifications and then ignore them easier. The summary will also prioritize the urgent notification and you do not have to worry about missing anything out.

The video calling and chats and messages are very important in today’s date so Apple had taken this into consideration and they have announced a whole lot of new features regarding FaceTime and messages. The features of the camera had also increased a lot.