How To ‘Boost Productivity on a Mac’ With 9 Easy Tips

Macs can be used for many purposes, including work, creative projects, and entertainment. Thus a lot of people have been successfully using these devices for years.

However, even the most experienced Mac users have not dug down to the bottom of all the amazing features these computers can provide.

How to Boost Productivity on a Mac

Therefore in today’s article, we are going to share some useful tips about how to boost productivity on a Mac.

How to Boost Productivity on a Mac

Tip #1 Take Screenshots Fast

To effectively grab screens in macos, you can use the Magic keyboard shortcuts. For example, if you want to take a screenshot of the whole screen, use the shortcut Shift + Command + 3.

On the other hand, if you only need to take a screenshot of a specific part of the screen, use the shortcut Shift + Command + 4.

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Tip #2 Keep an Eye on the Storage Space

To be as productive as possible when using a Mac, you need your Mac to run at full efficiency. And one of the biggest factors that can affect your computer’s speed and performance is low disk space.

Furthermore, we will give you a couple of additional tips to create more free storage space on your Mac, but to get a better understanding of the current disk storage situation on your Mac, you can click on the Apple icon, go to the About This Mac option, and click the Storage tab.

Tip #3 Uninstall Apps You Do Not Use

One of the fastest and most effective ways to create more free storage space is uninstalling the apps you no longer need.

With all of the free apps that people have access to nowadays, it is easy to accumulate large quantities of unused ones. To have a quick look at the apps you have installed on your Mac, open the Launchpad, and drag the unwanted ones to the Trash Bin. 

Tip #4 Delete Unnecessary Files

The second step to cleaning up your Mac and creating storage space is deleting files you do not use. For example, going through the Downloads folder will probably lead you to find a bunch of unnecessary installation and PDF files.

More to it, you can review your Photo Library and delete similar photos so that your computer has more free disk space and can run faster and more smoothly.

Tip #5 Use iPad as a Second Screen

If during the Covid-19 pandemic you are stuck working at home and use a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, it is understandable that the screen may be too small for your regular work, especially if you work as a video editor or a graphic designer.

Use iPad as a Second Screen

If you own an iPad, there is a quick and easy solution that will create more screen space. All you need to do is connect the iPad to your MacBook as the second screen and enjoy all the extra screen space. 

Tip #6 Use Apple Watch to Unlock Your Mac

If you own additional Apple accessories, such as the Apple watch, you can use it for additional efficiency.

Use Apple Watch to Unlock Your Mac

For example, did you know that an Apple watch can automatically unlock your Mac if you are wearing the accessory and standing near the computer? Using such additional accessories will save you time.

Tip #7 Stack Desktop Icons

Keeping too many icons on the desktop of your Mac is the complete opposite of being productive. Firstly, your Mac is using additional memory resources to display each thumbnail on your screen; therefore, it makes your computer slower.

More to it, if you have large quantities of files on your desktop, soon it will become difficult to locate the files you need fast. To quickly clean up your desktop, you can use Stacks. Go to your desktop, click View from the top menu, and choose Use Stacks. This will group all of the files by their type.

Tip #8 Learn the Main Shortcuts

Learning the main shortcuts of the Magic keyboard can make your life much easier and your work more productive. By learning the keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to easily navigate through different browser tabs, apps, hide windows, and much more.

Learn the Main Shortcuts

If you are using such software as Photoshop for your work, make sure you invest your time in learning the specific shortcuts the software uses as well.

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Tip #9 Update Regularly

If you want your Mac to reach the highest performance levels possible and your data protected from all sorts of malware and viruses, make sure you regularly update the macOS and its apps.

In the case of skipping a macOS update, you can always find it by clicking the Apple icon in the upper left corner, going to the System Preferences, and clicking on the Software Update option.