5 Best Android Data Recovery Software As of 2020

It seems to be a severe problem when the essential data in our devices lost, unfortunately. Don’t worry, and you still have a chance to recover the deleted files. You can use the best Android Data Recovery Software as listed below. Indeed, everyone wants to retrieve their lost data. The following are the lists of 5 best Data Recovery Software Tools. Try each one of them and use the best suitable for you.

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1 – Puran File Recovery ( Download Link )

First, Puran File Recovery is used to recover deleted, lost files from any Android device. Quick scanning of missing files takes place and locating apps where from it lost. The data software is entirely different in its functionality and usability. It is tricky to use.

Some of the features of this software are disk imaging, preview files, reporting, etc. Comparing with the other software, Puran File Recovery costs a very less price.

2 – Recuva ( Download Link )

Recuva is a data recovery software. It can be download from its website. The interface is easy to use. The software is designed that we can easily backup data without any complications. This software is simply a low cost. It is a special feature of recovering data from pen drives, hard discs, etc.

Furthermore, Recuva is one of the great tools to recover the data after deleting, missing cases. This software is excellent and secure to use.

3 – Disk Drill ( Download Link )

Disk Drill is another professional software to safeguarding data when it lost. The software includes deep scanning of the system for finding data backups. Disk Drill is amazing software with extra features like back up image creation, data protection, user-friendly interfaces.

The users mostly use disk drill software for recovering lost photos from any system like computers, PCs, and Android. It can restore the data and having a wide variety of Android recovery software options.

4 – Glary Undelete ( Download Link )

Glary Undelete is software for recovering data lost, unfortunately. This software helps you recover any file you have accidentally deleted from your Android.

Also, it even recovers files that have been deleted due to system crashes and any virus effects. It restores files from digital cards, multimedia, and smart media as well. Glary Undelete tells you their name, location where they lost, data modified, and file type. This software clears the virus from the system or Androids while using it.

5 – Wise Data Recovery

Wise data recovery is fast working software while comparing with other data software. Also, this software offers a quick scanning process of deleted files in takes time in seconds. We can use this software for the following cases are mistaken deletion, virus attacks, device struck, system crash, rooting, improper handling, SD card issues, etc.

This software as features to scan thoroughly the internal storage of an Android to recover lost Msg chat and media files.

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It should be noted that Free data recovery software is quite efficient in recovering the deleted data files and also from different media sources. Generally, the software is user-friendly applications. They take quick time to access, search, and to scan for the data loss.

Above all, the functioning of software helps you to restore most of your important files for free. So, these softwares are highly recommended to all users.