5 ‘Industries the Internet is Changing for the Better’

The effects of the internet on worldwide industries are more apparent than ever before. With the world rapidly shifting to the digital space on account of the ongoing pandemic, the operations of many industries are not only becoming more internet-reliant;

They’re also becoming increasingly governed by technologies made possible by a stable, reliable and constant internet connection. Here are five industries that are being changed for the better by the internet.

5 Industries the Internet is Changing for the Better

5 Industries the Internet is Changing for the Better

1. Education

The internet has constantly been changing the way we learn. From the rise of online resources compared to books, and the democratizing of information, the effects of the internet on this industry are endless. These days, the most apparent impact of the internet on education is its ability to enable distance learning.


With most schools around the world closing down indefinitely, students are able to continue learning through online education programs. And with distance-learning looking to be the norm for the near future, the internet will play an even bigger role in education.

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2. Healthcare

According to the latest report by Deloitte entitled Medtech and the Internet of Medical Things, there are more than 500,000 medical technologies currently available all around the globe.

The ability of these medical technologies to collect, analyze, and transmit health data is effectively revolutionizing the way healthcare is being delivered in more ways than oneHealthcare

For instance, the integration of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) into the delivery of care can easily translate to more accurate diagnoses, fewer mistakes, better patient information management, and transfer, lower cost of care, and better patient monitoring.

In the case of South Korea, these IoMTs have been extremely instrumental in controlling the pandemic outbreak by facilitating mass testing, contact tracing and information dissemination.

3. PCB Manufacturing

PCB manufacturing is the process of making printed circuit boards that mechanically supports and electronically connects electric components within all kinds of electronic products. In itself, PCB manufacturing involves a lot of equally intricate steps.

From computer-aided manufacturing, panelization, and copper patterning to chemical etching, lamination, drilling, and more, each step requires an exceptional amount of attention.

PCB Manufacturing

Thanks to online platforms, the development of cloud services, and browser-based plug-ins, designers are now able to collaborate on and share PCB designs with anyone anywhere in the world.

This way, the internet has helped make the process of designing a PCB a lot more efficient, which in turn has allowed for the quicker development of the technological advancements we see today.

4. Financial and Legal Services

A lot of people would agree that finance and legal services involve more paperwork than most other industries across the world. This reality means that professionals within this industry spend a lot of precious time doing routine, mundane, painstaking, and time-consuming tasks.

Industries the Internet is Changing for the Better - Financial and Legal Services

Fortunately, with the emergence of AI powered by the internet, 23% of these tasks can now be automated and made more efficient by existing technologies. In addition to this, blockchain technology can also help promote transparency and foster trust through its ability to contract, clear, settle, and record-keep tasks and transactions.

5. Entertainment

Every nation around the world is dealing with the pandemic in its own unique way. But, if there is one strategy that is common to most countries, it would be the adherence to social distancing protocols. With social distancing being observed everywhere around the world, live events are no longer feasible.

Industries the Internet is Changing for the Better - Entertainment

Fortunately, through the rise of streaming and on-demand services, live events can easily turn into virtual events and online content that people can participate in and watch from their homes.

Just as albums can now be distributed remotely through music streaming services like Spotify, movies can be premiered through streaming platforms like Netflix.

The internet has completely transformed the entertainment industry so that the consumer now has vast access to content without the need to leave their home. And with concerts, theater productions, and events becoming exclusively online, it is clear that the internet is the future of all entertainment.

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The internet has been a driving force for innovation across many industries, and in the coming years, we’re likely to see it change the way we operate even further.