Top 10 Alternative Websites Like ‘Masterani’

There was a time when cartoons and animated content were only meant for kids. But now the time has changed a lot. Today there are thousands of anime series and movies available on the internet for people belonging to any age group. We have anime available in a variety of genres from comedy, horror, romantic to thriller and adventure.

Internet is a great place for anime freaks. There are hundreds of websites available on the internet to provide the latest and top-rated anime content. With advancements in digital technology, and variety of platforms have been made available on the  Internet. With so much variety, streaming anime online has become a new normal.

But to access such websites, extra care should be taken to avoid security threats. Many websites produce viruses and malware which can disrupt the whole computer system. Hence, necessary precautions like using VPNs and ad blockers should always be used. Taking about the most popular website for streaming anime is “Masterani”.

Top 10 Alternative Websites Like Masterani

The website has enormous anime series and movies available free of cost. Apart from Masterani, there are many other such alternatives available on the internet. Some of the popular options are listedMasterani –

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1. Nyaa

This website provides access to free anime series and movies in HD quality. It is considered as the best alternative for Apart from basic features, the website also exhibits some of the extra feature, that distinguishes it from any other anime streaming website.

The website provides a short description and plot of the anime series for all the anime series available on this website. Apart from premise and plot, users can also see anime size, downloading options, date of release and upload etc. Users can also search for their favorite anime series from the search bar available on this website. The website overall works based on peer to peer sharing.

2. Hulu

The website is yet another alternative for which contains anime content free of cost. The website produces all types of top-rated, award-winning and featured anime on this website. Apart from anime series, the website also contains a large variety of TV shows and movies.

The website can be easily accessed through mobile phones or PC in just a few clicks. The website is indeed a great place for entertainment. With this website, users can enjoy HD quality films and series and other stuff. Overall, the experience here is excellent.

3. Manga-Anime-Here

This website also gives premium services free of cost. The website is a storehouse of many different kinds of anime. From top-rated and latest series to classic and extraordinary ones, a website is a perfect place for anime lovers. The audio and video quality is excellent.

The website is frequently updated with freshly brewed content, to enhance the experience of the users. The website also comes with a Newsletter feature, that lets users keep themselves entertained and updated with the upcoming happenings of the anime series.

Apart from anime, the website is also a great place for manga readers. With so many options available, manga lovers find it a great place to explore. The website also lets users share the series they are watching on their social media handles. Some of the features like multiple categories, powerful search bar, user-friendly interface, variety in the content are some of the most prominent features of the website.

4. AnimePlanet

This website just like any other anime website, lets users stream their favourite anime and shows free of cost. Over 40,000 videos on this website are authentic. It is the most trusted website by users. The website also suggests some exciting and top-rated series according to your interest.

Apart from anime series manga comics are also available on this website. The website also comes with a community feature, which enables other users of this website to interact with you and share their experiences. Sign up and registration is required for accessing the content of this website.

The website also has a premium subscription available that enhances the experience of streaming. The website is fast and easy to use.

5. is a third party website that is quite new in the market. The website is free to use and contains a huge variety of anime series. It allows you to stream HD movies and series free of cost and lets you download them as well. The interface is quite a user-friendly.

On the very first page, the latest and newly released series are displayed with some additional genre-based series. Everything is well structured and classified under different categories. With advanced settings, users can find their desired stuff easily. The website also comes with a community that lets users to communicate and interact. Overall it’s a great place for anime freaks.

6. is a Japanese owned website that shares all the latest and top-rated content on its portal. It provides high-quality content to stream free of cost. Apart from free stuffs, its paid service lets you explore some if the premium series and lets you enjoy the streaming experience.

With the paid service, users can watch anime without disturbance and interruptions. From its e-commerce section, anime stuffs can also be purchased. Its prominent features includes, multiple categories, unlimited browsing, different quality format, fast streaming, regular updates, and available to use an application. All these features contribute to a great place for anime lovers.

7. Netflix

Netflix is the most prominent OTT platform in the world today. It has so many options available for its users, with the only purpose to enhance the streaming experience. Netflix is also a great place for anime freaks. It provides a great variety of content from series to movies and documentaries, it has a lot of entertainment stuff available on its database.

One of the best features of this web-based platform is that it does not contains ads or disturbances while streaming any show. The website comes in 3 payment options basic, standard, and premium. Users can choose according to their comfort. Moreover, it also comes with a one-month free trial scheme also. All it requires is a registration and you’re good to go.

8. GoGoAnime

Perhaps you may have heard this name when it comes to streaming anime. GoGoanime is a great place for anime lovers. Apart from the Japanese series, the website gives options of English subbed and dubbed series as well. It has a large number of users all over the world. It provides information about the plot of the anime, duration, genre, rating and quality. The website lets you filter through great anime series. Overall it’s the best place for streaming English anime.

9. NarutoGet is also a leading website when it comes to streaming anime free of cost. The website can be accessed anytime and from any corner of the world. The audio and video quality of the website is excellent. It has all the episodes of Naruto series in English available. Apart from anime, manga and movies also available in English.

It is a great alternative for with some if the advanced features as well. It also has other series like Naruto, Boruto Shippuden, Naruto movies etc. The website is regularly updated to provide latest stuff. The website is well structured and easy to use.

10. Anilinkz

This is also a great alternative to watch anime series free of cost. The website is flooded with anime content that keeps updating frequently. The website is well organised with simple a layout. It does not require separate registration and signups for accessing the content.

All it requires is open the website, choose the desired anime and start streaming. Just like any other platform, the website lets you search or choose anime from the desired categories. From the search bar, write the name of the series and press the play button to enjoy streaming.

The website also provides cartoon series for kids. Its prominent feature includes, simple design and interface, multiple categories, massive database, frequent updates and many more. Overall its a great website that provides a great experience to anime lovers.

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Anime streaming has become quite easy. With so many options available, users find it rather easy to choose from them according to their comfort. But with all these authentic websites available, there are many other websites also aavailable that are simply a source of malware.

Hence, it becomes quite difficult to distinguish between them. Users should always be careful before accessing any such website. VPNs and blockers are quite common methods practised to protect the server from disruption. Overall anime is a great source of motivation for young people.

Much such anime have been made that enables young people to take life decisions that are good for them. Apart from motivation, people can improve their language also by streaming such content. Hence, anime is a great option when it comes to enhancing the personality of a person and broadening their vision and knowledge also.