What is The Too Loud Challenge

One of the many challenges/trends that have made TikTok famous is the “Too Loud” Challenge. When considering which social media app has had the most impact on the world wide web over the past few years, it’s hard to look past TikTok.

What is The Too Loud Challenge

In 2017, the video app quietly entered the market. Within a few years, though, it had 1 billion downloads by the beginning of 2019. And its fame has only grown since then. TikTok shows no indications of slowing off any time soon, what with the steady stream of new features and people it attracts.

What is The Too Loud Challenge

TikTok’s meteoric rise can be attributed in part to the app’s propensity for viral trends and challenges. Starting in the first few months of 2021, a large number of TikTok users uploaded videos of themselves using the “no beard” filter.

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In addition to the popular (and perhaps harmful) “Blackout Challenge,” there has also been a “Deja Vu Challenge” inspired by the Olivia Rodrigo song of the same name. Almost often, TikTok is the source of internet trends.

As of March 2022, the Too Loud Challenge is one of the most recent TikTok challenges to gain popularity. The Too Loud Challenge is essentially a dance challenge, despite the name suggesting otherwise.

The title is a reference to the song “Cash App” by rapper Louie Ray, and the task at hand is straightforward. All that’s required of TikTok users is to play the song over the video while recording themselves dancing to it. The phrase “it’s getting too loud” from a line sung by Ray inspired the challenge’s moniker.

Locating the Too Loud Challenge on TikTok.

The Too Loud Challenge can be located in the same way that any other challenge can be located within the app. Launch TikTok from your app drawer and look for “too loud challenge” using the app’s search bar.

Videos uploaded to TikTok using the hashtag “#tooloudchallenge” will be displayed here. When you conduct a search, the most relevant results will be the Top videos. To view all hashtags relevant to the challenge, tap the ‘Hashtags’ button that appears just below the search field.

There have been 33.4 million and 120.6 million views on the ‘#tooloudchallenge’ and ‘#tooloud’, respectively, since the articles publication. Just so you know, the vast majority of submissions to the Too Loud Challenge on TikTok involve people twerking along to the music.

There are some suggestive videos in there, so it’s definitely better if younger viewers stay away from the challenge. However, there are also some clever and more suitable versions of the Too Loud Challenge. In an amusing twist, one user overlaid Minecraft noises onto the original music.

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Just like any other TikTok challenge, it’s impossible to predict how long the Too Loud Challenge will go. While it may be trendy for now, its popularity will likely fade as fast as the rest of the TikTok ecosystem does.

Nonetheless, that is precisely what makes TikTok so engaging. The Too Loud Challenge has recently become extremely popular on the platform, but tomorrow it could be something else entirely, and the day after that something different again.