10 Best ‘Torlock’ Alternatives

Let me guess dangling and stuck between different websites and online platforms with the motive of downloading your desired content. Also, you may not be willing to pay hefty subscriptions that streaming platforms charge.

And to increase the tension the covid pandemic has gifted us the OTT releases. Even if we wanted to watch it on the big screen we can’t and producers are reaching Netflix, Hotstar, and Zee 5 for releasing their movies.

Whether movies, videos, songs, or games, torrent websites offer fast downloading but are prone to cyber frauds and viruses. So netizens you are at the right place if you are looking for a fresh website with an easy interface and free of cost.

Before coming here you elsewhere have heard or used about the then popular platform Torlock. Torlock is a torrent website that offers its peers to download content files through a decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing network.

Its popularity cannot be questioned as it even survived in the torrent pandemic when many torrent sites were banned in multiple regions due to legal issues. Its prestige has led it to offer fast downloads, the various genres of movies and videos, and it’s safe to use.

10 Best Torlock Alternatives

Since Torlock is unavailable in regions like India Australia and UK so a large proportion of the masses are left segregated also it is an unstable platform because it goes offline very frequently hindering the downloads in progress so it poses many problems for netizens.

So here I present the 10 best alternatives to Torlock which you can use on your software:-

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1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay aptly fits the quote old is gold. Founded back in 2003 by a Swedish it is gaining popularity nowadays.  It is a peer-to-peer torrent website where people can find a wide range of torrent files and also share their files on the platform.

It offers its peers an easy interface that provides you category-wise distribution so that you can download the content.

This site also offers a Browse feature that helps users to search for their favorite files without having to go through all categories. This website also offers different options for searching for particular torrent files, including the file name, date posted, number of leechers and seeders, and more.

Despite the constant censure and sanction by authorities in different parts of the world, the website is still accessible to millions of users from across the globe. Its users still find ways to obtain their favorite movies, TV shows, apps, games, and photos from the site.

The pirate bay isn’t illegal because it does not offer its torrent files or adverts. It is just a peer-to-peer sharing website. Therefore, if the website has not been banned in your country, you can enjoy its content freely without fear. It also offers free torrenting and slow internet download so isn’t it amazing what are you waiting for?

2. 1337X

Who doesn’t know about the third most popular torrent website of 2021? Well, 1337X is a website founded in 2007 that provides a directory of torrent files and magnet links used for peer-to-peer file sharing through the Bit Torrent protocol according to Wikipedia.

But according to me, it’s more than that because it shined after a lot of patience. After the closure of Kickass Torrents, it gained popularity. 1337X has a convenient user-friendly interface with an easy layout that has short and detailed annotations, screenshots, and technical information: format, codec, bit rate, frame rate, and more.

1337X also offers a collection of films and tv shows which have a better sorting than the other sites. For example, you can search the files by genre, year, etc, but what makes it that popular? The answer lies in its advertisement-free content also provides links to other sites. So it demands a try by you.

3. Torrent Hounds

Another alternative for Torlock is none other than Torrent Hounds. It is an amazing platform that is known for its latest content. So it is a reliable, regular, well-ordered, and structured torrent platform.

Plus it contains multitudinous content of movies, web series and tv shows that you will get tired of if you start to watch everything. Ten of thousands of netizens are connecting to it daily. It is updated regularly so you can find brand new content daily. It provides you 2 types of services both of which are free to use to download HD quality content.

The first one is the Torrent Hounds Directory that consists of all the files lined up and you can sort them accordingly and the second one is a personalized assistant service where you can directly search your favorable movie.With this type of eased interface can we consider Torrent Hounds as an alternative to Torlock of course there is no disadvantage.

4. Torrent Project

TorrentProject is a torrent search engine collecting and verifying torrent data from the BitTorrent network and more than 300 other torrent sites. It provides you a single destination for downloading any desired torrent files. The best part is that it offers its services absolutely free.

To improve torrent download speed, TorrentProject offers compilations of various trackers per torrent which saves your time as well as the internet.

TorrentProject does not only allow the search in torrent titles via a browser but also in files of a torrent means you can search for a specific episode or a song in the playlist and download that particular one rather than whole time-consuming g download of the full playlist. Torrent Project can be accessed via a VPN if it is unavailable in your country.


Now we are landing on our fifth alternative that is a successful torrent website EZTV. EZTV is popular amongst TV viewers who want to replenish their old memories as it is a sailing boat with all the shows and movies of the 1990s to 2020s. It is best known for its 3D, 720p, and 1080p quality content. It was founded in 2005 and now is popular for its filters and compatibility.

It has a very appealing interface that you can access on your software. You can search movies according to picture quality, time, date, etc. Also, it has a customer satisfaction portal where you can ask a query and EZTV responds quickly. So it acts as one of the safest alternatives to Torlock.

6. IsoHunt

As its name suggests, your hunt for all the content under one roof ends at IsoHunt. It has a blueish interface which is very simple and facile. It gives its users access to various categories like movies, tv shows, serials, anime, software, games, and even books. You can download all the content from the search engine in HD quality by using very low internet.

Also, you can search them by their popularity and it offers a list of top searches so that you can easily fetch your desired content.IsoHunt gained popularity during the closure of all the torrents because it started its safe binary channel for continuing its services. So that makes it Isohunt a hunting thing.


RARBG is considered one of the best torrent websites and multimedia stuff for free. It is recognized for offering premium stuff to its users in a very easy way in good quality. The site is accessible via RARBG proxy.

You can download the content easily in any country as there are many mirror sites available for it. It is a collection of large torrent sites and is updated daily so it is a reliable source. Plus you can check the sources offering the content thus giving proof of its safety. RARBG is thus a promising alternative to Torlock.

8. YTS

Wondering a site to only download video-based content that includes movies, songs, and trailers. Then just don’t wonder visit YTS where you can browse and download YIFY movies in excellent 720p, 1080p, 2160p 4K, and 3D quality, all at the smallest file size.

YTS interface provides you everything at the homepage whether it be the latest uploads, or popular content, or newly added. You can download them at a very high speed but it requires a VPN to function.

9. Lime Torrento

Which netizen has not visited this lime-colored website? The most prestigious website among the torrent website is LimeTorrents. For downloading movies, pieces of music, software, apps, games, and others Lime Torrents provide everything for everyone.

It offers 100 % verified content so it is safest . It has acquired a lot of fans adhering to from gush consumers worldwide in a small period Likewise to other platforms it also offers monthly top 100 content and category-wise distribution.

10.  SkyTorrents

SkyTorrents is one of the most used and most popular search engines which is used to download torrent files which includes movies, serials, etc. There is no need to register to download torrent files. Plus all the files and applications are genuine and functional. There will be no advertisements on the Skytorrents webpage.No personal information will be saved as it does not use cookies so there is no point in data theft.

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While wrapping up I say that these torrent websites are legal, safe, and amazing. All the files will be downloaded in a knick of time. So enjoy and watch your favorite shows.