‘Chia Anime’ Alternatives for Anime Lovers

In recent years, Anime has gained much popularity in about the peoples of all the ages. It has become most popular especially in countries like America and Europe. The only one issue which anime lovers have to face is anime is available only on several selected platforms.

A lot of websites does not allow to stream Anime. The most visited site for streaming Animes is still the Chia anime website which allows you to watch anime shows for free of cost.

It provides all the most popular series of animes to stream with the full collection of all their episodes of whole season. We have provided you a list of websites that you can use as an alternative of Chia anime website.

9 Best Alternatives to Chia Anime

Sometimes you may have any issue with Chia anime site or it may not working in any country or due to any of the other reason, Chia anime is not working for you and that’s why you are looking for any website which is similar to it so that you can stream animes.

That’s why go through the article to find out best alternatives of Chia anime. So let’s get started.

It contains a proper list of 9 platforms which can be used as alternative of Chia Anime. These are the collection of best options to be used. You can go through this article to find out them.

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1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is an outstanding website to be used as an alternative of Chia anime to stream anime shows that’s why we have mentioned it as first in our list.

The founder of this site is some of the young students who graduated from California university. This site does not only allows you to stream anime shoes but the best part of is it also provides drama and manga shows.

This website is growing very rapidly and and have gained a lot of users which is about more than 50 million users which are registered on this site.

It provides many anime shows to stream which is about 900 in numbers. You can enjoy streaming these anime shows on this website in case if Chia anime is not working or is banned in your country.

2. Gogoanime

Gogoanine is also one of the highly rated website which can be used as an alternative of Chia anime. It allows streaming of anime shows and movies in full length which is provided with its subtitles also.

This is an outstanding platform for streaming full length anime shows. It allows you to sort-out your favourite anime shows on the basis of reviews they got from other viewers, their rank and also by the latest episodes which launched recently.

So that you can easily find a best anime show or movie according to you needs and preferences and can save your time while selecting a show or movie to watch.

One of the best part of this website is, it provides you a recommendation of shows and movies which is truly based on the reviews they got from other users and it makes this website different from others.

3. Putlocker

Putlocker allows to stream Anime shows and movies and you can use this website as an alternative of Chia anime. This website was first launched in the year 2011 in U.K. At the time when mega uploads get pulled down then this website has gained prominence.

Unfortunately this website was blocked in the year 2016, before this time Putlocker has became the top 250 website which was mostly visited in all around the world.

This is fantastic to gain this much popularity in just five years. It allows streaming anime shows and movies for free of cost. Anime lovers stream anime shoes on Putlocker from all around the world.

4. 9Anime

This is an outstanding website which allows some of the animes to download for free of cost and also the option for streaming them online for free.

The English subtitles for these animes are also available. You can get a large amount of other option and features which is about thousands in number which makes it different from its other compatitor websites and that’s why this website is an outstanding platform to be used as an alternative of Chia anime.

It doesn’t irritates with a lot of ads although you will get some ads, it contains HD option and it gets updated regularly and quickly with taking a lot of time after they get released.

5. Kissanime

Kissanime is a website for streaming anime shows and movies which contains a lot of fans registered users.

It allows contents in best HD quality and it provides a lot of options for watching anime shows and movies as reviewed by majority of its users.

As similar to Chia anime, you can download all the episodes from this website by registering on the website after they gets released.

You can use register on this outstanding website and enjoy its services by downloading shows or movies or watching them online.

6. Animeheaven

As revealed by its name, Animeheaven is such a heaven for anime lovers which can fulfill all the needs of an anime user. It doesn’t irritates with any kind of advertisements before starting any shows or also not in the middle of the show.

The contents of this site are divided in two category so that you can easily found out your favourite show or movies which you are looking for by don’t wasting much time while searching it.

It even allows users to download the animes rather than only watching it online and both services are provided for free of cost. This has become a tough competition for Chia anime when it comes to some popular series like one piece and Naruto.

7. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is a most attractive and colourful website amongst the list which is modified very closely to the style of Japanese and that of Aura. You can stream some of the rare contents on this website which is not easily available or unavailable on other sites.

The application for anime is also available in the play store for Android users so that you can easily access to it without putting much effort for speaking anime shows and movies.

8. Animedao

Animedao is also one of the excellent website which can be used as an alternative of Chia anime website. It allows streaming of a lot of different anime shows, movies and series from all of the genres.

It even provides dubbed series for those users who don’t understand Japanese language. You can use this site to stream anime series and it serves as an outstanding alternative of Chia anime.

9. Funimation

Funimation is an outstanding website which allows streaming for animes series, shows and movies. This is genuinely a legal website which you can use as an alternative of Chia anime for enjoying animes.

It provides a subbed version which is available for free of cost although for streaming it’s dubbed version you will have to buy its subscription plan which is paid version.

You can buy if you want to stream animes in dubbed version but the free version is also not bad if you can understand Japanese language but if you not then you will have to buy the paid version.

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As being an Anime lover, you may aware about this fact that there doesn’t exists many websites for streaming of anime. There is only one popular website for anime streaming which is Chia anime.

You may looking for its alternative website due to various reasons or issues you are facing with Chia anime. So we have provided you this article which contains a list of 9 best alternatives of Chia anime.