What is Parallel Giant Slalom Snowboarding?

Halfpipe and parallel giant slalom were the only two snowboarding events at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano. Parallel giant slalom returns to the Winter Olympics as a featured competition at the end of the 2018 games for the sixth consecutive time.

The Rules and Definition of Parallel Giant Slalom Remain Elusive.

It consists essentially of a head-to-head race between two snowboarders on parallel tracks. A qualifying round and subsequent rounds of single-elimination competition will be held at the 2018 Games.

In the qualifying round, competitors will make one trip down each of the two courses (blue and red). The 16 quickest combined timings from the two rounds will move on to the next round of competition. In the qualification round, competitors will be travelling down the course at the same time, but they will not be competing against each other.

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The top 16 racers will be seeded according to their times and placed into a bracket for the elimination rounds. After the Sweet 16 round, the quarterfinals, semis, and medal games are all played head-to-head.

Disqualification may Occur for Any of the Following Five Reasons:

  • Attempt unsuccessful
  • During a race, they startle their rival.
  • After entering the wrong gate
  • Accidentally missing an outside gate turn
  • Failure to complete the run with both feet firmly on the board

In 2018, a single lap will determine who advances in a head-to-head elimination race; the faster qualifier will select the course. Once the finish line has been reached, the first person to do so progresses, making the time advantage gained during qualification all the more crucial.

One race is for the gold medal, and the other is for bronze.

How Do You Keep Score in Snowboard Parallel Giant Slalom?

In a parallel giant slalom, two competitors race down a giant slalom course simultaneously. These courses are long and sloping, with flagged “gates” to mark the turns.

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There is no judging in this event unless a participant is disqualified for interfering with another runner or for entering the wrong gate. But in snowboard cross, it’s all about who crosses the finish line first.