Forget About 5G, Here is What 6G Looks Like

It is true that the 5G wireless generation had just been introduced and the world is still adapting to it. Not many people have access to this 5G wireless connection. But we are now looking at the next generation of wireless connections here, also known as the 6G.

We are not saying that the 6G had been introduced already in the market but people are working on it. It usually takes around a decade for the next generation of the wireless connection to be here so the 6G should be here by 2029. That is not that far away if you think about it.

Technology transformation change from 5G to 6G , Silhouette businessman jumping from 5G cliff to 6G cliff on blue sky.

6G will be able to sense your environment. With the general progression of the wireless connection from the 4G, it is seen that the 5G gives one more connectivity. While 6G will undoubtedly bring even higher speeds, a key benefit will be using those radios to sense your surroundings as well as to ferry information.

With 6G, the industry is looking to expand into new bands of spectrum. Wireless carriers embraced gigahertz frequencies, which offer you a huge amount of speeds — comparable to a speedy fiber landline connection — but limited range.

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Ji said they were looking at “terahertz spectrum, which operates at a frequency that’s 1,000 times faster than gigahertz (which itself is 1,000 times faster than a megahertz).”

It’s important to note that frequency doesn’t exactly correspond to speed, but it gives you a sense of how much more capacity you could get with 6G. “There will be some fundamental technology we will want to introduce to overcome that,” he said. “It’s something we’re working on that’s super exciting.”