‘Nokia XR20’ Review, Specs, Features, Price and More

We have used this phone, and the one thing that we must mention is that you should not be fooled by its good looks. It is indeed a great phone, but it is kind of delicate looking.

We have had a lot of people tell us that they thought that if the phone dropped from their hand, then it would break, but that is not the case. It will not happen, and we have checked it. It is a very rugged phone and not flimsy at all.

Nokia XR20

Okay, so in the very beginning, we would like to point out that it is very hardy and thick as a model. To make sure that they have not compromised on the looks, they have given it a very vibrant color. The features are also very good.

The price is also very fitting for the phone. If you have not checked out the features packed into it, then you might find the price a bit high because the phone is not that flashy to look at. But boy, does it work fine. We would definitely recommend this to a friend.

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Now to sum it up, let’s look at the pros and cons or the good and the unwanted features of the phone. For the pros, it has software that updates every three years, it has a good-looking body, but it is very hardy and rugged, extended warranty is available at some places, and wireless charging is also available.

On the other hand, the cons are mediocre performance, a poor camera which is inconsistent. That’s all for now. I hope this article helped you in making a decision, or maybe it acted as a tidbit about tech. Do share the news with others who have been on the lookout for buying a new phone.