Amazon Had Rewarded Eight Workers

Amazon had made a big move, and they have done this very recently. They have suddenly decided that they are going to give away cars and $100,000 cash which can be considered as bonuses that are given to a handful of vaccinated warehouse workers. This is known as part of its running sweepstakes which they have adopted in order to encourage employees to get the vaccine and complete their vaccination.

Four warehouse workers along with a Whole Foods employee have been very lucky in the terms that they were selected and they were awarded cars which is worth as much as $40,000. This was obviously done after they have given and provided sufficient proof that they have got the Covid-19 vaccination.

The company had gone a step far and they announced on Monday through the use of Instagram and in an Instagram post which was made through and on its “Amazon Vest Life” account.

Last week also there had been such gifts and bonuses given to, three warehouse and Whole Foods employees. They are lucky since they were given $100,000 cash awards because they got the vaccination. Amazon is really giving away a lot of gifts to their employees for being responsible and taking the vaccine.

Amazon believes that getting vaccination is one of the most important and critical things to do right now and this is their way of encouraging their employees.

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They had launched this program in August but we did not know how far they are willing to go because of this. The program was called Max Your Vax. It has taken on the opportunity to get the chance to win cars and money. There are several other small prizes too that are given to the people.

A total of 18 prizes will be given out this month. This info is according to Amazon. The only thing that one needs to participate in is proof that they have been vaccinated. It needs to be totally vaccinated otherwise that does not stand. So that is a good way to encourage the people. We are hoping that more people get vaccinated as this is the best defense against coronavirus that we have.