5 Best DJ Software For Live, Studio, And Home DJs

For a better sound quality in a DJ, you need to have Good hardware and Good software and yes some skills also. But here, we will focus on the software. First of all, let me discuss the use of a DJ. The most basic feature that DJ software provides is that they represent a virtual replication of the central mixing tables and decks which are provided in a physical DJ.

You can use these softwares by replacing physical hardware and you can use software with some hardware. Softwares performs most of the tasks automatically which you need to do mechanically on hardware. It also tracks the information like tempo and key. You can use software instead of hardware to save your time as it allows you to save your playlist to use later.


Most people prefer hardware DJ over software. But still, software DJs hold their place. As there is a lot of softwares which you can use for your DJ. So, the next question arises which one to choose? That’s why we have provided you with a list of the top 5 DJ softwares. Have a look at them.

5 Best DJ Software For Live, Studio, And Home DJs

In this article, we have mentioned the top 5 DJ softwares which you can use for live playlists, home studio, etc. You can pick any of them which best suits your needs. So let’s get started to the list.

1. Serato

Our first software in this list is Serato which is one of the most popular choices for the DJs in the US. This software was launched in the year 1999 with the name Pitch ‘n Time. There are so many reasons which make it a better choice for DJ Software to be used at Studio, Home and DJ’s. This is beginner-friendly software and it provides a free trial before actually buying the paid version.

The free version includes all the essential features which you need as a startup DJ. The one thing which is least favorite for various DJs is that you can buy one feature which you need to have. It provides Smart crate features that can automatically add the features according to your explanation.

2. Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ has become one of the other best options to be chosen for beat DJ amongst users. The user interface is mind-blowing and has attracted a lot of users. This one is a modified software of an old version whose interface was so boring and has been modified to be presented in a fresh look.

If you were using Serato and now you are switching to Virtual DJ then don’t worry, your crates collection will not be lost. Your previous crate can be read by VDJ and it will automatically choose the next track to play on the basis of the current playlist. One of the best features of VDJ is that you can play your set online on various online media like radio servers, Facebook, Twitch and YouTube, etc.

3. Pioneer Rekordbox

Pioneer Rekordbox is another best software for DJ which comes with the so popular tag called Pioneer but still it is an underrated software. Pioneer is a number one manufacturer for DJ hardware but it is not that good in software manufacturing. One of the best features of this software is that it provides mini waveforms near the track name of every library.

You can access a specific track before actually playing it so that you can get a better idea on how it will work and you can modify it if there is need to do so. Another best feature is that the Pioneer Rekordbox analyzes the waveform and it creates lighting sequences automatically where it needs to be added.

4. Ableton Live

This software “Ableton Live” can be used in the live settings in your DJ. It’s not an actual DJ software but as revealed by it’s name, it is useful in live settings. The main and advanced feature of this software is that it provides advanced “warping” capabilities which is also known as “elastic beat gridding”.

Beat grinding creates a “beat grid” for your soundtrack. DJ software automatically detects the track and adds the beat grid where it needs to be placed. It provides a wrapping up feature which is very useful especially for old songs to modify them by adding some new tracks and effects.

The old songs were recorded with real musical instruments and adding computer made music to them can enhance the sound quality.

5. Mixxx

Our last but not least option for DJ software is Mixxx. This is an open source software and is available for free of cost. It provides a good community which is very helpful. It provides all the essential features which you expect from such a software and which are provided by other softwares in this list. Two things which you need to keep in mind while using this software are as follows.

First of all, make sure that this software doesn’t crash while gigging. So you can test it by using your equipment and make sure it doesn’t crash. The second thing is to make sure that you never use or buy any new controller hardware on the day of gigging. Be double sure that your hardware is 100% compatible with this software. Before using a recently released hardware, make sure it is compatible.

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So, we have discussed our top 5 softwares which can be used as best DJ softwares for Home, Live, Studio, and DJs. We have mentioned all the essential information and features with them.

As you can understand, it is not possible to discuss each and everything about 5 softwares in one article is not possible. So we have mentioned important information which you can use to pick your favorite software from this list. We hope this article will be helpful to you. Thank you!