What We Learned from the 2021 Eurovision Grand Final

The Eurovision 2021 competition was a bold attempt to combat the coronavirus, but it was also about much more than that. To what extent did it reveal further information?

Certainly Not the End of Rock ‘n’ Roll, At Least in Europe

What We Learned from the 2021 Eurovision Grand Final

It wasn’t just Maneskin’s victory with “Zitti E Buoni,” a song full of racy lines and lyrics about smoking, that signalled a return to form for rock.

Blind Channel from Finland placed sixth with their violent nu-metal song “Dark Side,” and The Black Mamba from Portugal placed twelfth with their classic 1970s rock song “Love Is On My Side,” which might have easily fit into Paul McCartney’s collection.

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It’s possible that French will be the next International Pop Language.

Artists like Bad Bunny, Rosala, and C. have contributed to a recent uptick in the popularity of Spanish-language music in the American and European pop charts.

Tangana. Is it time for French right now? Barbara Pravi, representing France, placed second on Saturday with her song “Voilà,” a typical slice of chanson that many commentators compared to the work of Édith Piaf.

Gjon’s Tears from Switzerland took home bronze for their performance of “Tout l’Univers,” which was sung entirely in French.

Britain is Universally Despised Across Europe. (And, Germany, Though Slightly Less So.)

The British representative, James Newman, was the night’s biggest disgrace, garnering zero points from both the judges and the audience.

Zero has not been the final tally in Britain since 2003. Could it be related to the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union?

However, perhaps it doesn’t. On Saturday, Germany, the political powerhouse of Europe, received only three votes and ranked dead last. Spain’s submission received only six votes, whereas the Netherlands received eleven.

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A Voting System Like Eurovision’s Is Unmatched Anywhere

Eurovision’s voting method is complicated and time-consuming, with juries from 39 countries (including some that aren’t even in Europe, like Australia), plus a popular vote.

Vote tallies, though, stole the show on Saturday. France and Switzerland were initially thought to be the most likely victors once the votes were announced, but then Iceland entered the picture and Italy swept through with massive public support.

Although it may be difficult to implement, other large award ceremonies, such as the Grammy Awards, could benefit from involving the public in the voting process.