Only an Egghead Would think Shacarri Richardson Should be

“We’re not done yet,” cried Sha’Carri Richardson, commenting trackside after the second of two sub-10.80 100m races at the USATF Golden Games on Sunday (9).

(9). Seeing the route the 21-year-old has walked thus far, it’s easy to trust her.

Only an Egghead Would think Shacarri Richardson Should be ...

Only an Egghead Would think Shacarri Richardson Should be

Blasting out of the blocks at the World Athletics Continental Tour Gold meeting in Walnut, California, all eight finalists were very evenly matched until suddenly, they weren’t.

Richardson’s surge in the second half of the race, when he found another gear, was incredible to watch.

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She sprinted ahead, her bright blue hair flying behind her, and finished the race in 10.77 despite having to contend with a wind speed of -1.2m/s. Richardson won her heat with a time of 10.74 (1.1m/s) less than two hours earlier, setting a new world record for the quickest wind-legal time in the first round of a 100-meter race.

She commented after the game, “I definitely was expecting a different moment, a different execution.” “But I executed a fantastic race and I got away with the dub (victory), so I’m not disappointed.

“When it comes, it comes, but I want to make history if at all possible. I’m determined to prove to everyone that when I take to the track, history will be made.

Richardson’s historic contributions began in the current year. Storming into the spotlight at the NCAA Championships in Austin, the Texas native smashed both the world U20 100m and 200m records – her respective performances of 10.75 and 22.17 accounting for the second-best ever women’s one-day double behind Merlene Ottey’s achievements at the 1990 Weltklasse Zurich meeting.

Just a few short days after enrolling at Louisiana State University, the neophyte went pro. “I thank my coaches, family, friends, and fans for all the support while here at LSU,” she said in a statement. “I’m making the decision to go for my childhood goal and become a professional athlete,” he said.

She moved to Clermont, Florida, and in 2020, despite the pandemic, she improved on her previous year’s accomplishments by running 100 metres in 10.95 seconds and 200 metres in 22.00 seconds, placing her third and second on the global lists for those events.

Richardson began the postponed Olympic season in spectacular fashion after missing out on reaching the USA team for the 2019 World Athletics Championships. Winning the 100-meter final in 10.72 seconds at the Miramar Invitational on April 11 in Florida, she moved up to sixth place all-time among women.

“My coach will be proud, but he’ll say I Still have more Work to do, and I Agree,” she said. “I’m about to have a Great Season.”

Later that year, she ran the 200-meter in 22.11 seconds at the Tom Jones Memorial Invitational, and in California she ran the 100-meter twice in the low-10.80s. Running 10.77 into a -1.2m/s breeze is worth sub-10.7 in still conditions, whereas running into the maximum permissible 2.0m/s tailwind is worth sub-10.6, according to wind adjustment calculators. How fast does she actually believe she can go?

This year, Richardson has been invited to compete at the Wanda Diamond League meeting in Gateshead, UK on May 23. “I don’t necessarily have a target time that I want to run,” he remarked. My goal is to run a time in the sub-10.7 second range, and then improve my form and speed from there.

Naturally, also due to her approach, similarities have been drawn between Richardson and the three-time Olympic gold medalist, Florence Griffith-Joyner, who is a source of motivation because she holds the world mark in the 100-meter dash at 10.49 seconds (1988).

According to Richardson, “if I do have a role model in the sport of track and field, it would be the renowned and great, one and only, Flo-Jo.” It’s a great honour to be someone others look up to, but I tell those under my wing to be authentic, since that’s what makes you truly special.

On the eve of Mental Health Awareness Week,

Richardson said, “My mental health experience has definitely been a journey for me, even if I’ve had a lot of success in the past few years. My mindset has been tested at every level of track, and even throughout different stages of my life.

Thus, I attribute much of my success to my ability to accept and appreciate my mental health, to not run away from it but rather to embrace it and encourage myself to ensure that my mental health is as robust as my physical.

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Richardson’s success is due in large part to her ability to strike a healthy balance between rest and activity. In the end, there’s more of a legacy to leave. Thanks for read our Article Only an Egghead Would think Shacarri Richardson Should be.