Robert Eggers on the Northman Directing is an Insane Job

An Interview With Robert Eggers About The Northman It’s a Crazy Job, Directing: The 38-year-career old’s began with stylish art-house films like “The Witch,” a horror-tinged fable that earned Eggers the Best Director prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

Also starring Robert Pattinson, “The Lighthouse” was directed by him. To maintain full creative control over a budget this size, many unproven directors at this time decide to either make a superhero film or switch to a streaming service.

Robert Eggers on the Northman Directing is an Insane Job

Instead, Eggers is producing a $70 million Viking story titled “the Northman.” Starting this Friday, it will be shown in theatres. A-List Actors Skarsgard, Alexander Prince Amleth is a vengeful swordsman who wants his uncle dead (Ethan Hawke).

The two of them run away to a small town in Iceland, where his mother (Nicole Kidman) has found refuge. Although the premise is less complex than Eggers’ previous films, the filmmaking is just as impressive.

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The Northman Director Robert Eggers Says His Job Is Insane

When I met Eggers in Los Angeles, he said, “You must be proud to be a filmmaker.” Indeed, it’s an unusual line of work. You’ll need to disregard the truth and create your own.

‘The Northman’ was not an easy film to make, what with all the fantastical fights that plagued production and the director’s disagreements with the New Regency about who should have last say in artistic matters. The film, which was supposed to begin filming in March of 2020, was delayed because of the pandemic.

Despite the setback, there were a few benefits. It took longer for the Viking beard to grow and the outer sets to weather. However, Eggers’ beard was immaculate. He opined that a director need not sport a full beard. I discovered this on the set of “The Lighthouse”: you need an alpha beard.

As I was walking to my interview, I passed two billboards advertising your movie. It sounds like you had a one-of-a-kind experience here. The Northman Director Robert Eggers Says His Job Is Insane

Indeed, this is the case. This is something I would not have predicted happening in the last decade or so.


I doubted that I could develop a film that would appeal to a wide audience because my childhood hobbies were less commonplace than the norm. It was a deliberate decision, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Have a lot of People Seen Your First two Movies?

When “Witch” came out in 2016, I hoped it would be seen by a wider audience. In addition, I’m crossing my fingers that the reviews are positive enough to greenlight a sequel. Seeing a Pilgrim-themed horror film do so well surprised me.

Is the Movie Getting old for You? The Northman Director Robert Eggers Says His Job Is Insane

Of course, that’s a whole different tale. The Witch is not a book I care for. In theory, however, I wouldn’t find such a movie uninteresting. A lot of my favourite films are ones that are significantly less exciting than either of my two examples.

You seem Self-Aware Enough to Admit, “That’s how my Work is Regarded by a Broad Audience,” which is a Good sign.

There were complaints that The Witch tried too hard to pass itself off as a scary movie. I get why folks aren’t pleased with the formula, even though it is a horror film. That’s because I’m attempting to do both with “The Northman,” and it’s not easy. The Northman Director Robert Eggers Says His Job Is Insane

Where do I find the Thread? Where do your Personal Preferences Meet those of the General Population?

It’s challenging to come up with a topic that is accessible to everyone. However, it must be so recent that it is invigorating. The film was exactly like that. Amazingly, I found that all of the primary sources were very accessible.

A lot of mediaeval literature is weird, cryptic, and out of place, so I get that parents probably don’t buy Icelandic sagas for their kids at Barnes & Noble.

Unless you’re taking over an existing series, it’s unusual for someone with your level of experience to develop a picture with such a large budget.

I figured I wouldn’t make it into the movie proper because of how long it was. As much as I wanted to take the chance, I found the post-production process challenging due to the high stakes and unfamiliar direction from my studio. Stress was present.

My co-author put it best: “It is our duty to construe the studio notes in a manner of which we may feel proud.” If that doesn’t happen, then we clearly aren’t trying hard enough.

Also, I don’t think I would have been able to complete the movie I pitched if the studio hadn’t put so much pressure on me. My first inclination is not usually to provide amusement. It was actually my fifth or fifteenth priority with my first two projects. Not so in this case.

It was challenging, and I got a lot of grey hair out of it, but it was ultimately worthwhile. I appreciate the studio’s relentless push to get me to complete this picture. The director’s cut will not be included on the Blu-ray release. I finally got to direct the film I always imagined.

I want to know what you’ve taken away from this experience.

Director Robert Eggers of The Northman is in over his head.

You didn’t feel the same after watching your other movie.

In fact, I frequently felt like I had to prove my filmmaker credentials to others. Although I don’t consider myself a filmmaker, “The Lighthouse” is something I’m proud of. Nonetheless, I am confident in my ability to create a film on short notice.

This film illuminated the procedure for me in a manner that no other medium had. The Northman Director Robert Eggers Says His Job Is Insane

Describe some of the difficulties you encountered while working on “The Northman.”

There was a lot to do, such as storming the seas on a Viking ship at night and invading a settlement populated by hundreds of extras, stunt boys, horses, and cows.

Then there was that one scene in the desert where everyone had to fly in by helicopter. Sadly, we had to uproot and relocate. Ethan Hawke encircled the director of photography, Zareen [Blanche], with an embrace.

He congratulated them, saying, “Congratulations. You’ve exhausted every possible cinematic possibility. Right now, you have the power to accomplish anything. Zareen and I both agreed, “Yeah. Let’s start by making a very small crumb. The Northman Director Robert Eggers Says His Job Is Insane

The attack on the settlement is captured in a series of well staged shots. How do you feel once you have overwhelmed the scene?

Experience is the best word for it. White-knocking my screen became second nature as I practised my shot. There were supposed to be three or four takes of many moments. They are now one and the same because I am used to working in that fashion.

Even if it’s not the most effective method, you can still use it to explain the scene. Still, because it necessitates self-control, it has been implemented whenever practicable. The Northman Director Robert Eggers Says His Job Is Insane

Those scenes are more challenging to shoot in natural environments than they would be on a studio.

The filmmaking process is arduous. When making a film, I seek out the harshest, most isolated locations possible, since that’s what the tale calls for. Although challenging for everyone, the end result will be well worth the effort. I thrive on difficulty. In that case, it wouldn’t be that difficult.

Before you became a director, you acted in several plays. Is this the current process you use with your actors?

I have a reputation as an actor’s direct, yet I can be naughty at times. Over the course of the first few weeks, Alexander Skarsgard had the distinct impression that he was being handled like a robot. But eventually he grasped the reasoning behind my actions. The Northman Director Robert Eggers Says His Job Is Insane

Did he feel let down that he had to work so hard to succeed?

Yes. Also, I try to avoid tablework, or lengthy explanations of your character’s backstory. I enjoy acting as a pastime. The Northman Director Robert Eggers Says His Job Is Insane

An intriguing aspect of this is the extensive study required to craft your environment. You’d feel bad for a performer attempting your study.

It is their responsibility, after all. It was common for Pattinson to ask “The Lighthouse,” “Is it?” Is it? He? You’re free to pick the one that works best for you, but you have to shoot this scenario 25% faster. The Northman Director Robert Eggers Says His Job Is Insane

Just how did you end up working with Alexander Skarsgard? I’ve never seen something like this from Alexander Skarsgard before. He’s quite fluffy and a little bit dorky, if that’s possible.

He’s the sweetest, most humble kid you’ll ever meet. Alex had been a Vikings fan ever since he was a kid. He was completely preoccupied by it and constantly aimed for excellence. For the first two weeks, Zarine’s acting technique threw him for a loop.

But after he watched the part where he conducts a shamanic dance/battle dance, everything changed for him. I was given access to a new level of understanding thanks to his display of rage, insanity, and vulnerability. In any case, the rest of the shoot went swimmingly. There wasn’t a bad performance among the bunch.

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Just how much do You Care about how well this Movie does at the Box Office?

extremely. People are worried that it might not be successful, but the sheer fact that it was done is cause for optimism; the fact that I and my team had to make such a massive picture at all is cause for celebration.

We were given the green light, but this movie isn’t part of the Marvel or DC franchises. This ensures the movie’s overall success.

I appreciate the praise, but if you don’t like the movie, it’s society’s duty to take it out of circulation. It’s also within the rights of other filmmakers to do the same.

Audiences need to be given more options than only superhero movies, and more opportunities, too. No, I don’t find anything particularly objectionable about superhero flicks, but I do think there ought to be alternatives.