North Korea warns U.S. Over Bidens Big Blunder

On Sunday, Pyongyang threatened dire consequences for the United States if Washington did not abandon its “hostile strategy” toward Pyongyang’s nuclear programme.

As the Biden administration prepares to launch a new strategy to deal with the isolated Asian nation, a statement claimed to Kwon Jong Gun, chief of the Foreign Ministry’s department of U.S. affairs, has surfaced.

North Korea warns U.S. Over Bidens Big Blunder

North Korea warns U.S. Over Bidens Big Blunder

The statement said that President Biden had committed a “major blunder” by labelling the nuclear programmes of North Korea and Iran as a security concern during his speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday.

Vice President Biden has promised to use “diplomacy and harsh deterrence” to counteract the risks facing the world.

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The message, issued on a government news site, threatened “equivalent measures” from North Korea.

The White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, announced on Friday that the administration has finished a “thorough, rigorous, and inclusive” assessment of its policy toward North Korea.

After noting that the previous four administrations had failed to fully denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, she stated that this was the administration’s top priority. According to her, the administration will not be pursuing a big bargain or practising strategic patience.

Trump campaigned on the promise of forging a personal relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in an effort to negotiate a deal that would limit that country’s nuclear development.

This was a drastic departure from Obama’s policy, in which he hoped that gradual diplomatic pressure on Pyongyang would eventually lead to reform.

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Recent statements by North Korea show the country is committed to maintaining its nuclear development.

Experts believe North Korea would try to see how far he will go in testing Biden’s resolve. In late March, it fired two ballistic missiles with a rather modest range.