Woman Mauled to Death by Tiger in Beijing Animal Park

HONG KONG – According to a Chinese publication, a lady who was mauled by a tiger at a wild animal park in Beijing is suing the park,

claiming that she wasn’t properly warned of the park’s risks and that she got out of the car because she was feeling carsick.

Woman Mauled to Death by Tiger in Beijing Animal Park

Woman Mauled to Death by Tiger in Beijing Animal Park

After getting out of the car to try to rescue her daughter, the woman’s mother was mauled to death by another tiger.

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According to the Beijing Times, in her first interview since the event on July 23rd, the woman identified only as Zhao was seeking 2 million yuan($299,917.52) in compensation from Badaling Wildlife World.

Zhao claimed that a park ranger in a Neighbouring car did not intervene to help. She told the newspaper that she signed a document promising not to get out of her car, thinking it was a registration to get into the park. She claimed that the person taking tickets was unable to provide any light on the matter.

The publication quoted a man from Badaling Wildlife World with the surname Cao as saying the park would follow the recommendations of the government investigation report, which exonerated the park from blame.

Cao further said that the park would only consider compensating the family out of a sense of moral obligation.

Tried to get a Statement from the Park, they Politely Declined.

The park only offered the family 745,000 yuan in compensation for Zhao’s injury, despite the fact that they originally requested more than 1.5 million yuan. The publication reported that Zhao’s father stated that the family had reached a settlement with the insurance company for the death of Zhao’s mother for $1.2 million.

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The tale caused a stir on the internet, with the vast majority of commenters supporting the park and condemning Zhao for disobeying park regulations and ignoring posted warnings. This new development has led to yet another round of condemnation of Zhao on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.

Why do you constantly need an explanation? The family has a really poor sense of danger. You and your husband said you couldn’t see the sign. The question is, “Who’s to blame?” the words of one Weibo user. Thanks for read our Article Woman Mauled to Death by Tiger in Beijing Animal Park.