Mexico Soccer Riot Latest Fallout after Violence between Queretaro …

On Saturday, at least 26 people, including three persons in serious condition, were hurt when supporters brawled at a football game in central Mexico.

Mexico Soccer Riot Latest Fallout after Violence between Queretaro

Mexico Soccer Riot Latest Fallout after Violence between Queretaro ...

Fights broke out in the fans in the 62nd minute of the Liga MX match between the home team Queretaro and the visiting team Atlas from Guadalajara. Security let people, including women and children, out of the stands through the unlocked gates.

Both the Atlas and Queretaro teams had players sprinting for the locker rooms. Washington Aguerre, a Uruguayan goalie for Queretaro, and the other players stayed near the bench to try to calm the spectators.

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Several Minutes later, some of the Battles had Spilled out onto the Field.

A few folks had chairs and bars of metal. A spectator took out a knife and appeared to be preparing to slash the net of one of the goals. Several others smashed a team bench and battled in the players’ tunnel.

As reported by ESPN, “Fifa joins the Mexican Football Association and Concacaf in condemning this heinous event and encouraging the local authorities to bring fast justice to those involved,” said a statement released by world soccer’s governing body. Please know that our hearts go out to everyone who was affected by this.

An official tweet from Liga MX’s Twitter account also strongly criticised the violence. Those responsible for the stadium’s lack of security will be punished, according to Mikel Arriola, president of the league. He also mentioned that the rest of the league’s games scheduled for this weekend were postponed.

It was Reported in the Mexican Media that as many as 17 Individuals had been Killed.

Although 26 individuals were sent to the hospital, governor of Queretaro Mauricio Kuri indicated that death toll reports were false.

According to Kuri, four of the injured were lightly hurt, eight were in stable condition, and three were in severe condition. They might have been the males seen on social media being kicked and punched until they were unconscious.

“They were brutally harmed; it’s embarrassing that this sort of thing can occur at a soccer game, which is supposed to be an enjoyable outing for the whole family.

Kuri blasted the rioters for their actions, calling them “completely unacceptable,” and adding that officials were considering filing attempted murder charges against some of the demonstrators.

Recently, Atlas has experienced problems with fan violence. A fight broke out in the fans during last year’s derby with crosstown rival Chivas.

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What is Happening in Queretaro is Quite Unfortunate.

Is taking place in my country,” Rafael Marquez, who played for Atlas and later became the club’s coach after serving as Mexico’s captain, stated.

Officials from the state claimed that there were some police present at the stadium, but that private security guards provided the bulk of the security. The security team, as seen on video, appeared to be predominantly female and did little to prevent brawls from breaking out.

Guadalupe Murguia, the interior secretary of the state of Queretaro, has remarked, “If the [team] does not have enough police or they lack training, we will endeavour to hold them responsible.”