I Was Born A Dog I Identify As A Dog

Anyone who has used TikTok for longer than five minutes will know that the site is always generating fresh trends. TikTok users are always inventing new ways to amuse and amuse themselves, whether it’s a dare, a meme, or a trend. As a matter of fact, that is a major selling point of this system.

View Our Article Here! A Popular Video on TikTok How did the “I was born a dog” TikTok phenomenon come to be?

I Was Born A Dog I Identify As A Dog

I Was Born A Dog I Identify As A Dog

The “I was born a dog” craze is one of the most recent ones to sweep TikTok. The “I’m just a baby” video’s original soundtrack is being used in this unabashedly innocent fad. Let’s just say that people on #dogtok were quick to point out that their pets are, in fact, babies.

A basic understanding of the trend is sufficient. Users upload videos to TikTok paired to the song “I was born a dog,” which include clips of their adorably cute pets. As far as I’m concerned, I’m a dog. But my mother insists that I’m still a baby. The final phrase is a sample from the February 2022 “I’m just a baby” TikTok video that went viral.

Over 81.7 million people have seen the video (and 11.6 million have liked it) by TikTok user @little.blooming.women. A mother is seen in the video pleading with her daughter to pay attention whenever she gives an order. A collective “ooh!” escapes our lips as the small girl responds, “I’m just a baby.”

The hilarious and endearing recording was quickly snapped up by dog owners, who no doubt wanted to remind the world that their fur babies are still infants, even if they don’t listen to us.

The fad has taken up on TikTok, with multiple videos receiving millions of views. As with TikTok, the craze is spreading on Instagram, where canine users are all too happy to tell the world that they are, in fact, dogs and not infants, despite what their mothers may think.

The trend’s benign and comforting vibe stems, in large part, from dogs’ inherent goodness. In other words, the “I was born a dog” TikTok fad is exactly what you need if you’re in the mood for some fresh material and some belly laughs.

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