Top 18 Websites Like ‘WatchCartoonOnline’

Cartoons have been an inevitable part of our lives while growing up. Some of the cartoons have become so important to us that we still love to watch them. We are connected emotionally with those shows. We have binged on them after coming home from school or coming home after playing outside.

We may have matured, but we still have some babyishness left within us. Those cartoons bring us nostalgia, and we like to reminiscing on flashbacks.

We have seen many cartoon characters as icons like Dora the explorer, Popeye the sailor man, Pokémon, and many more throughout our childhood. Since most cartoon characters that we see do not age at all, they remain the same forever.

What looks fascinating is that it offers us a chance to watch those characters the same way our entire lifetime, ageless. Anime has the same craze among adults. Cartoon-like figures in the adult world have come up as animes, and people love to watch them with sheer interest.

WatchCartoonOnline, the popular site known for stockpiling cartoons and animes, has always been the first choice of every cartoon lover out there. The excellent subtitles and dubbed dialogues left the admirers speechless and hence making it a top-notch choice.

With the change of decades, new cartoons started to broadcast on television, leaving us in despair. WatchCartoonOnline, a website, became a great sigh of relief for all cartoon enthusiasts in such a situation. YouTube is also the option, but we cannot find one and all to its full runtime. WatchCartoonOnline, with its feature of live streaming and downloading, attracts all fanatics.

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Top 18 Sites Like WatchCartoonOnline

This is the 21st century; we have been given many options for our ease. Thus we have brought you 18 such sites alternative to WatchCartoonOnline to watch your beloved cartoon characters once again, where you can give yourself a ride of joy and find yourself in the roller coaster of childhood.

 1. CartoonCrazy

This site provides all the latest and old cartoon links to download. Not only cartoons, but you can also find your favorite animes here. This site is available free of cost, where you can download the cartoons and you can stream them as well.

This site has a quite appealing interface that is easy to use. It can easily be handled by kids too. Interestingly on the right side of its webpage, you will find the trending shows, and on the left side, you will find a massive categorization of contents according to their genre. This site offers content of high quality. You can smoothly navigate through the site. It has millions of active users and lingers heavy traffic.

2. ToonJet

ToonJet is a website that encompasses a classic collection of cartoons. It provides its users 24/7 access to cartoons. It contains all kinds of cartoons from old times to contemporary ones. This site is one of the best and free of all kind of crowd. This site has a column on the left side where you can find a piece of information “today in cartoon history.” If you are a fan of Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Betty Boop, and others, you will be amazed that you have found this website!

This website is free to access, and it does not even need any sign up to use.

3. AnimePahe

AnimePahe is basically for anime fanatics. This site shows fewer ads to create hassles, and this indeed is a big turn on. Here users can stream and even can download Anime in HD quality at no cost. This website has a prominent name among anime lovers. The interface is easy to navigate and has been designed user friendly. Contents can easily and instantly be found using the search bar.

4. CartoonsOn

This website is among the most popular websites that are known for cartoons. This site is mainly prevailing in the Netherlands, the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, with approximately 5 million traffic every month. You can find cartoons of all time on this site. CartoonsOn has a unique layout that is easy to use. Moreover, people can report any error here.

The categorization baffles everyone; contents are filtered according to categories based on characters, shows, studio, and series.

5. 9Anime

This is a famous anime and cartoon streaming and downloading site. Viewers can easily download the videos with required subtitles and dubbing. This site is available absolutely for free. You can customize the webpage according to your preference. There is no login needed. Since 9Anime is famous, there are many mirror sites present, viewers need to keep a close eye on that. 9Anime updates the daily, weekly, and monthly top anime. This site is heaven for anime lovers. They have quick filters by genre, type, language, season, quality, year, etcetera.

6. OtakuStream

The best site to binge watch without downloading the content. It allows the user to request to watch any anime or movies. This site is a community based where viewers can comment as well. However, the collection of anime is not that massive. There is a filter given where you can sort out the anime of your choice on the top right side of the homepage. Scrolling down the page, one can find the list of 10 trending animes.

You can customize the dark and light mode according to day or night or according to your preference. It has a user-friendly layout and block ads that appear on its homepage.

7. SuperCartoons

This site is best for good quality content. It stands out from any other site when it comes to quality. One can find the old classic cartoons like Tom&Jerry, LooneyTunes, and many other famous cartoons. There is a categorization of cartoons on the top of the homepage into characters, series, and studios like paramount pictures, Hanna-Barbera, etc. The layout is easy to understand, which is very simple to use.

8. AnimeShow

This website has an extensive library of movies and anime series. The interface is appealing, but constant popping up ads might irritate you, and you can wind up not using this site. On the top of the homepage, popular anime has a place. AnimeShow has anime of all genres like action, adventure, comedy, ecchi, fantasy, horror, mecha, mystery, school, seinen, shoujo, a slice of life, vampire, and many others. On the top left side of the homepage, there is a search tab given for anime fanatics’ ease.

9. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network, known for Tom&Jerry, is one of the best alternatives available for cartoon lovers. Here on this website, viewers come to watch their favorite cartoons and play various online video games that are made for kids and adults. It offers cartoon shows and songs, funny moments, and trailers that you will never get bored off. The video games consist of characters from famous cartoons like Ben 10 and adventure time. On the top of the homepage, we have been given many categories such as games, videos, apps, Ben 10, and toon cup.

10. KissAnime

KissAnime is an anime-focused site that provides you various links and videos related. It is said to be one of the world’s biggest streaming anime websites. This site encompasses a massive library of animes in HD quality for free. Some of the rarest animes are also available on this site.

Scrolling down the page, one can find a vast category of subjects under the genre along with recently added animes. It has a user-friendly interface. Homepage incorporates everything for the ease of viewers. It has a separate column for ongoing animes sorted A – Z alphabetically.

11. KissCartoon

This site is wonderfully made for anime and cartoon lovers. You do not need to sign up or register for accessing the contents, but you will get notifications for any newly added cartoons or animes if you register. This site keeps on updating its contents.

Accessing the contents is totally free of cost and has been categorized accordingly, keeping in mind the users’ comfort. Ads coming up might leave you irritated, but the site has tremendous traffic. You can find the search option on the top ultimate left side of the homepage.

12. AnimeUltima

One of the popular websites among anime lovers. Free accessing is a perk here. This is a free anime streaming site full of series, movies, dramas, latest episodes, and whatnot related to animes. AnimeUltima is a best-designed user interface that can provide you with your anime instantly.

What leaves us open-mouthed is this site offers a short description of every anime, which is a mind-boggling thing. If you want to watch dubbed movies, Animeultima has this option too.

It brings forth subtitles with every video because this site is operated worldwide with people knowing different languages. You can even download and watch them offline. It can be unavailable, but you can always choose other alternatives available.

13. AnimeHeroes

A popular website among people of all ages. An easy to use layout will help you immensely to navigate through the webpage. Pop-up ads can be there, but there are no such hassles. One can watch their favorite shows in HD quality. Dubbed videos are available; otherwise, subtitles are also an option.

AnimeHeroes is absolutely free and amazingly curated into various categories. Contents can be streamed on any device. The anime is available in multiple video formats, for instance, high-quality, 1080p full HD. Recommendations are also available, and the search bar on the top left of the homepage will help you greatly in finding your preferred anime.

14. Chia Anime

A good alternative to WatchCartoonOnline. You can watch anime as well as read your favorite manga. All the series are dubbed and subbed, so there is no need of panicking if you do not understand the language. The best anime collection bewilders us as it contains anime of all times. The site’s interface has been beautifully and cleanly designed. You can either search through the search bar or can go through the various categories. You can stream in HD quality free of cost.

15. Anime Freak TV

Like other sites on our list, Anime Freak TV is fantastic. Contents are dubbed, and subtitles are in English that explicitly makes you comfortable navigating through the site. One does not need to register; you can access the contents without signing up. You can select the anime you wish to watch from the various genre piled up according to the categories.

16. MasterAni

One of the popular websites. No pop-ups and ads is a turn on. The quality of contents is very well. Though the collection is not that massive, it gives quite a good experience overall. It has the latest anime series in High Definition quality streaming that you can access anytime, anywhere in the world.

The Masterani platform has a rich Interface than other Anime webpages; the user can easily browse and search for desired anime with the assistance of this User Interface. You can choose from a drop-down list, too. The Anime Rating and feedback from the viewers who watched earlier online can also be observed.

17. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime has been a dominant anime platform renowned for the quality content for both kids and adults. Anime series are classified by alphabet, so the one you want can be accessed and identified easily. Again this website is also free of cost, where one can watch quality content. English subtitles are available for every anime. Scrolling down the webpage, you will find many genres of your interest.

18. Toonova

The site provides its users with a simple and straightforward navigation bar. Not only does the website allow you to stream videos online on the internet, but it also enables you to download these videos. A person does not have to spend money to access the contents. A great deal of work has been put into the development and the Toonova user interface, and once a person opens the site, it is definitely observable.

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Final Words

All the above-mentioned sites are an easy and excellent alternative to WatchCartoonOnline. In the world of cartoons and anime lovers, these sites have been proved as a boon for all of us. If one site does not work due to heavy traffic, we can always choose other top sites available to us.

The terrific thing about all this is we can access them for free, and the contents are available to us in good quality. So what are you waiting for? GO BERSERK!