15 Best Alternatives to ‘CricHD’

CricHD is a Live Cricket Streaming website. CricHD streaming is a free live match viewing website where live scores and upcoming schedule of matches, stats, fixtures, and rankings are also displayed.

Earlier, people used to watch their favorite entertainment programs on TV, but in today’s time, people can watch all kinds of live programs from mobile phones easily and freely through the internet anytime, anywhere.

Cric HD is a very good website at which you can find many more features like schedule Matches and upcoming schedules and ranking.

This website provides live matches streaming approximately all sports, and it is easy to use. Many more leagues like IPL, PSL, T20, BBL, CPL, and NatWest you can watch on this website.

Through this website, you can watch the matches of all teams like India, Pakistan, England, South Africa, Bangladesh, New Zealand, and many more.

A lot of sports matches are available on this platform like cricket, tennis, hockey, golf, football, basketball, and many others. There is a crowd of millions on CricHD.com because it is the Top website of free live cricket globally.

After the use of this site, you definitely say, it is a good Live sport streaming platform. It provides high-quality live streaming videos and audio. It is available 24 hours every day. There are many alternative websites and channels that provide live Cricket.

15 Best Alternatives to CricHD

Here are the 15 Best Alternatives to CricHD. Take a look.

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1. Hotstar

This is a video on demand website that is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment. It is a subsidiary of Star India private Ltd. it is an online platform that provides online streaming video.

It provides an entertainment platform on your mobile like online tv, movie, live matches, serial, news by internet connection. This is an Indian website that provides all the online TV programs for free. It was started for the live streaming CRICKET World Cup.

It offers your favorite events, movies, and online sports games in 9 languages; Hindi, English, Gujarati, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu and Kannada, etc.

It was launched by Indian Television in Feb 2015 and is owned by Star India. With the utility, we can enjoy all TV programs for free by use of the internet. It is a very advanced video streaming technology.

2. Sony LIV

This website is useful for free online live entertainment television platforms created by India. On January 22, 2013, the website was launched and is owned by Sony pictures networks, which is located in Maharashtra (Mumbai) city of India.

This television platform has been made available in many languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada and Malayalam, etc.

Originals, International shows, movies, live sports scores, tv shows are available here easily. You can also watch online streaming of cricket, football, T20 cricket, racing, tennis, fight sports, NBA, and other live shows in HD quality.

This website provides video on demand, streaming media, digital distribution services.


it is a Pakistani channel that was launched by Pakistan Television Corporation on 14 Jan 2012. It is a live sports event free online platform that offers live performances via the Internet.

Here many sports live events are available online such as cricket, tennis, hockey, football, and multi-sports events, which is at the cost of zero. Its programming language is of two types: first Urdu and second, English.

There are many more channels connected to this program like PTV Home, PTV News, PTV National, PTV Bolan, PTV global, AJK TV, and PTV world.


It is the collection of foreign payment entity Sports Channels operated by Sky Group (Comcast) which is a satellite pay-TV company. It is a sports brand of the Sports United Kingdom and Ireland.

It is one of the best online live streaming platforms out of the few live sports. It has a special role in the professionalization of British sports. In this premium, the package is available which includes Sky Sports, the main event, cricket, football, golf, action.

The subscription has to subscribe to the channel since is available.Picture format: 1080i HDTV

After the NTO, a subscription is required to make it available here. DTH operators charge users for providing channels. No need to pay for the channel you don’t want to watch.

This is the best alternative for live cricket streaming platforms in the world. Streaming of football, cricket, rugby, NBA, NFL, WWE, racing, boxing, cycling, and others are here available sports events in HD quality.

5. Crick free

Crick free is a free sport streaming website. Its name is crickfree.org

Due to its availability, consumers have got a very good favorite sports website, which has given its experience to people very good and quality full.

Many of its interfaces make it very attractive such as American football, baseball, and golf. It also provides you with a notification according to the schedule when the match is going to happen?

it keeps you informed from time to time. it has been updated very well. There is a lot of publicity on this but do not obstruct any kind of work. You can visit this website to have a good experience.

6. Crack Streams

It is a free platform where no cost is paid. You can watch sports events live. Many programs and matches on this website can be viewed by searching through links like an NBA season, boxing match, UFC live tournament, live stream for NFL and MMA Sports.

Content is obtained in this and it is necessary to activate the VPN even before visiting any link. This quality Live sport streaming can be viewed by visiting this site.

7. MyP2P

it is also a free live sports streaming site. You can see your favorite sports event by visiting it.  They provide high-quality videos. You can watch your favorite sports event anywhere and anytime.

It is capable of attracting a lot of people because its use is very smooth. It makes many types of sports available such as boxing, football, tennis and many more. It is totally free.

A lot of features are also available on it such as scheduled events, sports-news, etc. chat feature is also available in it.

8. Read Stream

Readstream.tv appears on all homepage of live sports. This is a very good option for online sports events. This website provides you with other sports available in live streaming like football, baseball, ice hockey, and basketball.

The notification of the upcoming matches also shows on your home screen. You can watch your favorite events live on-screen by clicking on the link given on the homepage.

9. Batman stream

It is also like other live sports streaming websites where you can watch your sports events by searching on the search bar. This website makes all types of sports available.

At one time, it proves to be the best free sports streaming website as it was a website that was available to everyone at no cost and ease.

Visiting it is the same as all free sport streaming websites. it has a certain maximum user who uses it regularly its web name www.Batman-stream.tv

10. Stream2Watch

It is a live watch sport streaming online platform. It has generated a lot of popularity recently. You can watch your favorite sports events online on your mobile phone. It provides an online worldwide professional sports platform.

This website shows sports streaming like Basketball, boxing, football, baseball, and many more International sports. It is easy and smooth in operation.

It is a website at which we can find many services like live TV, movies, sports, recharge and other entertainments. It also provides Live sport streaming.

The boss cast website looks unique due to its design. You can see a list of upcoming sports events. This website also provides some special links like ESPN, Fox HD, NBA HD, etc.

11. LiveTV

It is an online platform at which we can see live TV channels and live sports streaming, and we also see and read the news. This website app is also good to use. You may not feel any difficulties in the use of this app.

There are no requirements to register for the use of this application. There was a time when this website generated popularity. This app also provides brief news by notification, and many more features than this type of website provide.

12. From Hot

It is a free online platform on which we can see many types of sports events. You can see matches and other sports events by searching their name on the home page.

This website provides many types of sports programs. There are no compulsory requirements to register for seeing any Sports program. you can visit directly on this website through this link www.fromhot.com

This website provides notifications for live current programs and upcoming programs on their homepage.

13. Vip box.nu

It is a free sports streaming website at which we can see many more favorite Sports programs. This website started 5 years ago and, in this Duration, this website generated much more popularity.

This website also provides links to visit any kind of major sports event. This website is not very good at operating due to its design. So, sometimes we may feel difficulties in operating this website.

14. Watch sports online

It is an online platform at which we can see all types of entertainment programs. it is totally free.

This website also provides many sports channel links.  You can see programs like movies, original web series, and live matches. On this website, you will find approximately all features that other Live sport streaming sites provide like upcoming notifications, live scores, and many more.

15. Boss cast

it is a website at which we can find many services like live TV, movies, sports, recharge and other entertainments. It also provides Live sport streaming.

The boss cast website looks unique due to its design. You can see a list of upcoming sports events. This website also provides some special links like ESPN, Fox HD, NBA HD, etc.

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Besides all the above-mentioned free live sports streaming websites, there are many more other live sports streaming options as even CricHD is a good option to go with. It is quite easy to use all the options of Cric HD.

There are mainly two types of Live sport streaming websites and apps in the market in which you can take advantage of something only after paying for it, while some you can use it for free without any payment like some other live sports streaming websites.

CricHD offers high-quality free live streaming in HD. The design of this website is very good and I do not have to face any hindrance in using it.

This website and many other live sports websites also provide comments and likes facilities. So, if you want a better experience of live free sports streaming, I suggest you go with CricHD.