11 Best Sites Like ‘FirstRowSports’

FirstRowSports is a popular software application that provides the content of sports channel Live such as soccer, handball, wrestling, cricket, baseball, tennis, boxing, etc.

The app covers all the tournament matches covering all the sports, not letting miss a chance for any sports fan. It also streams lots of games and gives regular updates of each of them, everything free of cost because the site has gained huge traffic.

11 Best Sites Like FirstRowSports

However, it is banned access in several countries like the United Kingdom. The app and its website have been shut down several times over the years, but currently, it is working and quite active. Users have moved towards its alternatives due to streaming errors and issues. Below are the top 11 sites treated as alternatives to FirstRowSports.

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1. SportsLemonTV

It is an online streaming website that provides the content of sports such as hockey, basketball, cricket, baseball, handball, football, tennis, boxing, etc. free of cost which over the years has become one of the reliable sources for live telecasting.

The users can watch the match as per the time zone, tournament-based, sport event wise which has given the audience to watch the matches happening across the world without any streaming error and buffering experience. To date, no user has had any problem while streaming this website.

2. StopStreamTV

It is a platform that streams live matches of various sports such as cricket, hockey, basketball, tennis, boxing, rugby, handball, soccer, etc. live through its website giving a common arena for the users to come together, and watch it for free of cost.

The website is designed with dark mode and the contents are categorized helping the users to locate their searches easily. The site allows the users to stream live matches of various sports through third-party websites also.

3. VipBoxTV 

It is one of the perfect alternatives to FirstRowSports because it is similar to that website and also provides better features additionally. The contents are perfectly categorized for every sport on the home page with the contents helping the viewers to locate the live matches once they directly enter the site.

The app is safe to download and use on the device without any particular software protection. Also, the site and its software application are completely legal to browse in most countries.

4. Live TV 

It is a website of a television broadcasting under the name Live TV that provides content not just on sports but also on the news, and entertainment content. The broadcasting channel has been known for a long time when compared to other sites. It provides all the updates and telecasts the matches of various sports such as cricket, football, tennis, hockey, basketball, etc.

5. WatchESPN

It is a free website operated by the popular sports channel network provider ESPN that has a simple interface providing immediate updates of every sport telecasted in the channel as well. The site has mostly gained the popularity of the users who are unable to watch live matches from the sports channel.

However, the site is restricted only to American viewers, but after a few years, viewers from other locations could also start accessing it. The sports matches that happen in the United States have only been telecasted in the channel as well as the website, which has made the users move towards other sites who want to view the matches of other country tournaments like the football fans.

6. StrikeOut

A similar site that is the perfect alternative to FirstRowSports provides the content of sports such as cricket, football, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, rugby, AFL, MotoGP, etc. accessible live and for free of cost for every user with regular updates of each match. The website has the time zone and clarification of the dates it follows as per which the live telecasts are uploaded so that the users have clarity about the tournament schedules of various sports.

The website is also easy to access such that the contents are made available on its home page, provides minimal advertisements and pop-ups that encourage the users to browse at ease. The owners believe that the users carry interests in watching sports due to which they provide sports tips for every sport that enhances the knowledge of the user and develops more interest towards it as well.

7. Sling TV 

It is an attractive online source that provides the content of sports matches especially football through a separate website. The site is an attractive feature compared to other similar sites because the categorization of the heads is different and clear enough that it understands what a user will search for while entering a website to stream a live match.

8. MotorStream

It is a website that exclusively streams the content of motorsports such as F1 races, Moto GP, Nascar, Indycar, WorldSB, etc. free of cost to all its viewers. The site is easy to access, also has a simple interface, and provides all the instant updates of matches, news, schedules, and scores regularly without any delay, which makes the users rely on this source confidently.

9. Feed2all

It is an entertainment media channel that is mainly known for the sports content it telecasts and that too of football. The channel has an online streaming website in the same name allowing users to watch the matches and receive instant updates without any barrier.

Other than football, it also telecasts the matches and highlights of various sports such as basketball, cricket, baseball, tennis, boxing, etc. The website is simple to access and is categorized just like other similar websites, mainly it is safe to use as the viewers feel the site is a reliable source.

10. FreeSports

This is a website that provides the facility to stream all the live matches of various sports such as rugby, baseball, cricket, badminton, boxing, soccer, tennis, etc. free of cost for every user. The site provides advertisements and pop-ups through which it is earned and receives huge traffic to the extent that it is known to be within the top 3 online streaming platforms for viewing live sports matches.

11. NBC Sports

It is a popular website that provides users to stream sports content on its platform, owned by the NBC Network Channel in the United States. The app is completely safe and legal to use such that it is available in the google play store and iStore to download directly.

The website is designed in a professional manner such that the contents are diversified into relative heads beginning from the newsletter till the categorization of each sport on the home page, and also provides the schedule of the upcoming matches in its sidebar.

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There are countless websites to view sports apart from those above, such as RedBull, Hotstar, Cricbuzz, Fox Sports, Reddit, Cricfree, etc. that have similar features comparatively. Users have to ensure that they use a safe and legal site to watch their favorite sports match, highlights, or tournament for the experiencing good quality of the video.

No buffering while streaming or browsing, and mainly to enjoy the matches completely. In the sites that the users are blocked from accessing, a VPN or anti-virus software that can protect the details of the user and device itself is highly recommended for everyone for a better viewing experience.