5 Free Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online

Anime is a popular animation series that is still famous among teenagers and young people. Many people like to watch them for free. But the question is, whether the platform they use to watch for free is legal or not. Yes, according to your expectations, there are many free streaming media platforms to watch anime videos, TV series, movies, etc.

It is difficult for anime enthusiasts to find a reliable website to broadcast their favorite anime series, especially due to strict internet restrictions and website closures. Finding the right platform allows us to enhance our experience and stay up to date with the latest version. In this article, we will discuss the best websites that you can watch anime legally.

We are also focusing on the main features, advantages, and disadvantages, etc.., of the same. The history of animation can get traced back more than a century. The term is borrowed from Japanese culture and is a series of special animation series and films that bring the audience into a different, detailed world and in-depth character development.

5 Free Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online And Legally In 2021

Here are 5 free sites where you can legally stream anime. They are completely safe and they all provide good content. Check them out for yourself .

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a scene where users from all over the world can watch various videos. There are two variants of Crunchyroll, one is free, which is a trial account, and the other comprises a paid version, so users must pay a fixed fee. The premium version has numerous great features, and users will nevermore give up.

Crunchyroll is currently the director in legal animation streaming. You don’t require an account to watch the video. You can also generate a free account to trace your browsing records and chain inventory for the following review. In addition to free fundamental benefits, Crunchyroll also contributes a variety of paid membership plans.


Crunchyroll enables you to watch anime videos, dramas, TV sets, TV programs, etc.., for free. Everyone can effortlessly download their preferred videos.


Accepting inappropriate links and advertisements can make the site unsafe.

2. Yahoo View

In general, this platform incorporates various TV programs, anime, documentaries, Korean dramas, available clips, and other behind-the-scenes interviews. Just like on Hulu, it is an exemplary platform to watch anime shows. If you are a fan of celebrities and are looking for complete and detailed content about their lives, then this is the ideal platform for you.


In addition to anime, this platform also brings you blogs and breaking news. The website also provides a complete animation broadcasting schedule and a list of upcoming events. All in all, the site is also useful for streaming animation. It owns a comfortable user interface. Since this is a streaming site, you will not be able to read comics here.


After the closure of the free Hulu service, this free streaming service has become the home of ad-supported content. So, there will be a lot of advertisements.

3. Crackle

Registering an account may bring some convenience to users, such as creating a watch list, subscribing to certain shows, and bypassing age verification when watching rated movies, but don’t allow you to skip ads.

Sony Pictures provides all-around content, including complete multi-generation movies, and TV shows, original shows, trailers, and movie news. Therefore, users can enjoy all of them without any copyright issues. Most of the video clips here are also high-quality HD videos.


Crackle enables users to download the movies they want in any possible format. Finding movies on the Internet has become a daunting task. However, with these streaming sites now offering a large number of movies and TV shows, your job becomes much ease.


Due to continuous advertising revenue, Crackle has been around for about ten years, so users cannot block ads while watching free video content on Crackle. The loaded tape sometimes does not work properly.

4. Viewster

Viewster is a free advertising-supported streaming service that provides contemporary animation, science fiction, fantasy, games, and documentaries for niche TV shows and movies.

Viewster is a free video and media application that allows you to watch TV shows and various movies, and anime series. In the Viewster app, you can search for new TV shows, anime, and series that get updated every week. In our opinion, Viewster is an excellent entertainment tool, and you should give it a try.


It gets launched the Viewster, which allows viewers to watch TV series and shows, as well as documentaries, comedies, and science fiction shows. It is a completely free application; you do not need to pay a penny or require registration. Here, you can easily watch your favorite anime programs. Viewster provides you with high-definition quality TV shows and programs.


Excessive advertising may be the biggest problem for your users.

5. Tubi TV

Tubi is a 100% independent streaming service that presents thousands of videos. Related to Yahoo View, you will discover classifications such as drama, science fiction, tragedy, conflict, and documentaries.

It is an engine essentially based on exploration and broadcasting. Also, download shows from websites comprising several movies and TV programs. From popular dramas to favorite programs, Tubi TV is one of the clearest recommendations on the Internet.


Tubi TV has a smart and spontaneous user interface suggestive of the Google search engine. It refreshes the list of videos and TV series constantly, so you get to see all the latest anime series. Its streaming service is one of the high-level service providers that present the best user experience.


Please understand the privacy or cookie policies discussed on these programs, as they may use your knowledge to demonstrate undesirable commercials and pop-up windows on your screen.


Looking for free options is a good thing, and you can save money on the same. But make sure that you choose the sites that are only legal and safe to use. Now, you can check out the above-mentioned portals and choose the one that suits you the most.