A Face Search Engine Anyone can Use is Alarmingly Accurate

He said he stayed in touch with the company’s pioneers and had witnessed the rise of PimEyes’s media attention, most of it critical.

In 2020, PimEyes announced a new owner who requested anonymity and a relocation of the company’s headquarters from Poland to the Seychelles, a popular African offshore tax haven.

A Face Search Engine Anyone can Use is Alarmingly Accurate

A Face Search Engine Anyone can Use is Alarmingly Accurate

Mr. Gobronidze “heard” sometime in the past year that the property’s new owner was interested in selling. In a hurry to put together a proposal, he liquidated the family’s beachfront villa and borrowed heavily from his younger brother, Shalva Gobronidze, a software programmer at a bank. The educator was unwilling to say how much he had spent.

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Mr. Gobronidze said, “It wasn’t as large an amount as somebody might expect.”

Due to the low tax rate in the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Gobronidze incorporated EMEARobotics in Dubai in December in order to amass PimEyes. He stated that he had retained a sizable portion of the website’s tiny tech and support staff and had hired a Belizean consulting organisation to handle enquiries and regulatory problems.

Mr. Gobronidze has found office space for PimEyes in a tall building in the middle of Tbilisi. Fixtures are still dangling loosely from the ceiling as renovations continue.

Tatia Dolidze, a coworker of Mr. Gobronidze’s at European College, recalled being surprised when he told her he was looking for a face search engine and described him as “curious” and “cussed.”

“It was tough to think about Giorgi as a businessman,” Ms. Dolidze said over electronic mail.

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He is now a businessman who runs a controversial company, with the main debate centering on whether or not we have any legal claim to ownership of photographs of ourselves that we had no reason to believe would be made public in this way.

If governments and large corporations had exclusive access to facial recognition technology, Mr. Gobronidze said, it might be used to regulate individuals. Thanks for read our Article A Face Search Engine Anyone can Use is Alarmingly Accurate.