How Many Sinister Movies Are There

Fans of the horror genre are likely familiar with the Sinister films. But did you know that Cristopher R. Cargill’s nightmare after seeing 2002’s The Ring was the inspiration for his first Sinister film? Wait until you hear the rest of it before you dismiss it as insanity.

Once it was released in October 2012, the first Sinister film was met with generally excellent reviews, with several critics praising the film’s cinematography and mood. The movies were lauded for their resemblance to authentic snuff films, but they were criticised for using tired horror tropes and cheap scares.

This essay will Analyse all of the Sinister films and determine what made them so compelling. The devil is in the details, so keep reading!

How Many Sinister Movies Are There

There Must be a Tonne of Scary Movies, Right?

There have only been two films in the Sinister series. The first one hit theatres in 2012, while the most recent one hit in 2015. The third Sinister picture never materialised, and it most likely never will. This is despite the fact that the film’s premise suggested a bright future for a potential franchise.

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A Chronology of Horror Films

In order of their first theatrical releases, the Sinister films are as follows:

  • Causing concern since 2012: Sinister I
  • The 2015 sequel Sinister

Due to the low likelihood of a sequel being produced, it is expected that this list will remain quite short. On the other hand, the first two films are not to be missed. Read on for some fun facts and more about the sequel.

When it Comes to Watching Scary Movies, How do you Recommend Doing it?

All of the Sinister films are best appreciated when seen in chronological order. We recommend seeing the Sinister films in the order they were released, but this isn’t strictly necessary. To explain, these are the reasons why:

The critical consensus was unanimous in saying that the original Sinister film was superior. It also helps that Ethan Hawke, the Penny Dreadful heartthrob, is in the first film; that fact may be enough to convince some people to check it out.

You should see the films in order of their release dates because the sequel is often considered to be less unique and more predictable. Sinister II has been labelled a “franchise killer” by certain viewers. While also establishing a mythology for the evil spirit known as Bughuul, the prequel discusses the events and characters that set the stage for the sequel.

A Release-Date Chronology of Horror Films

Sinister (2012)

Sinister, helmed by Scott Derrickson and written by C. Robert Cargill, is a well-known supernatural horror film due of its groundbreaking camerawork (Super 8 camera). Ellison Oswalt, a failed true crime author, moves to a new house with his family and discovers a box of Super 8 home movies.

This sets the stage for the prequel. The recovered films portray terrible family murders committed by a malevolent spirit named Bughuul, so even what seems nice and innocent is only the tip of a homicidal iceberg.

The film’s $87.7 million in revenue is proof that audiences were captivated by its inventive use of technology and wealth of background information.

Sinister Part Two (2015)

The protagonist of the sequel, an ex-deputy, is obsessed with ending the curse of the Bughuul, even as he and the family he once protected from the creature continue to terrorise a new set of victims.

Fans and journalists alike enjoyed the first Sinister film, but the sequel has gotten mostly unfavourable reviews due to its lack of originality and, more specifically, its “terrible child performers” and predictable jump scares.

Random Facts That Could Be Dangerous

The movies’ plots are intriguing, but the films’ trivia and blunders are what really make them stand out. Robert Cargill claims that filming the snuff tapes included in Sinister I was particularly challenging due to the need for the cast and crew to exercise tremendous caution to ensure that no one was harmed during production.

The actors portraying the doomed family, for instance, were actually subjected to being dragged underwater while chained to their chairs. The actors who were supposed to be hanged and choked in the hanging scene actually were because of a mistake during the scenario’s preparation.

They’re all OK, though, so don’t fret. Similarly, the coordinator was let go not long after. Many people consider the first film to be the scariest film ever created. Forbes Magazine in the year 2020 sponsored a study called the Science of Scare Project, in which viewers’ pulse rates were tracked while they watched a series of scary films.

In the end, the Sinister movie came out on top, with an average heart rate of 86 and a peak of 131 beats per minute (BPM). The rural farmhouse and cornfield in Sinister II are a nod to Stephen King’s Children of the Corn, which is cool even though the film has been criticised for being predictable and low-budget.

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Do You Know Where I Can See the Scary Films?

Now available on Hulu Plus is the original horror film, Sinister I. Movies can be purchased or rented on demand through services like iTunes, Peacock, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and Vudu. You may watch Sinister 2 on any of these streaming services or buy it on iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, or Amazon Instant Video.

The Sinister films are well-worth your time, if only for the sheer terror they inspire, despite the sequel’s mixed reviews.