YoMovies Alternative Websites For Movie Streaming

Today, where we live a life of 9-5 job settings, and hectic school and college schedules with loads of assignments, activities such as recreation, relaxing have lost their relevance.

Now, we do not have time to spend with our family, let alone watch a movie in a theatre. On top of that, the expense one has to incur when they go to watch a movie is reaching its limits.

In times like these, there are certain apps and sites which come to our rescue and provide us services free of cost. One such site is Yomovies.

Yomovies provides a range of movies and videos of our choice at the comfort of our homes at absolutely no cost. Now, watching a movie and spending time with family can be clubbed together without spending too much.

What Is Yomovies?

Yomovies is one of the tops and leading movie downloading sites in India. Ranging from top Hollywood movies to Regional movies of India like in Telugu, Tamil, it has an amazing collection. If one wishes to see a Tamil or a Punjabi movie and at the same time, would want to download a Hollywood movie for traveling, this is the one-stop where they would get all.

Features Of Yomovies

Features are an important aspect of a site or an app, just like in smartphones. It helps us in understanding the site properly and the various benefits that it entails. Yomovies also have a range of amazing features that might help one get a better hold of the site:

  1. A brief description: Yomovies provides a brief description of the movie or series listed in the site so that one has a better understanding of the movie or series they want to watch and can choose among the alternatives given to them.
  2. A wide range of Hollywood movies are available on the site along with their dubbed version in case anyone prefers the dubbed version of the movie.
  3. There is also a feature to download the movies or series in HD quality, providing an amazing experience for the user. They can also stream movies and series online at their own comfort and leisure time.
  4. All the movies and series listed in the site are categorically arranged, based on various parameters such as the Year date, Genre, Language, etc.
  5. Yomovies is also user-friendly, since it is known for improved quality videos with less buffer time and efficient servers. Also, the amount of ads that one sees while watching is less, making it likable all the more.
  6. The site is also constantly updated with the latest movies and series so as to provide full user satisfaction. Also, the movies and series can be downloaded to watch later.

How To Download a Movie From Yomovies?

Using a new site is always a tricky business, one often gets lost while learning their way through it. To help them better with the site, here are some guidelines and steps that might make their search easier.

Step 1: Go to the category section and look for the genre that you want to watch.

Step 2: Click on the search bar and type the name of the movie that you want to watch.

Step 3: After typing, click on the search button and wait until the results show up.

Step 4: After the results appear, you can open the Movie that you searched for by clicking on the Movie icon.

Step 5: After clicking the icon, you can click on the download option which appears on the page.

After the movie is downloaded, you can sit peacefully and watch the movie you so wanted and relax.

Alternatives Of Yomovies

Yomovies is an amazing site yet not without fault. The nature of the site restricts some people to use as they are concerned about their online privacy.

Today, the world is an online world, from our bank details to our personal chats, everything is connected virtually. It is normal to be skeptical about the various sites that are pirated and cause personal damage.

However, there are some sites and apps which are safe to use and can assure safety to its users. Here are some sites and apps which can be an alternative to Yomovies.

1. Moviezwap

This website is home to the regional movie fanbase. The variety of regional movies listed here is tremendously huge and gives the user the experience of a lifetime.

Though, it is not only Regional movies that they enlist, but also a huge range of Hollywood movies too. Adding to that, they also provide their users with WWE videos. It is one of the best alternatives to Yomovies since its features are of a similar nature.

The pop-up notification and the ads on this website is at a bare minimum, making it all the more favorable to its users.

2. MovieNinja

MovieNinja is one of the best online sites to watch old and new movies in HD quality at absolutely no cost. All the movies here are categorized as Old and New movies and it is also regularly updated with the latest ones.

In order to get access to the site, one has to register on its website and can get hold of all the amazing movies and adventures one wishes.

3. Ice movie

Ice movie is one of the best sites for quality videos. The movies listed here are according to their IMDB ratings, ensuring that we get the best.

All the movies on this site are categorized based on the year they were released, which is also a similarity between Ice movies and Yomovies.

This site highly discourages movies with low quality and hence is a boon for users who only search for high-quality movies.

4. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a legal Website that is a good alternative to Yomovies. They have movies ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood. One can find a movie of their choice and watch it without worrying about safety issues.

To get access to the website, one would have to register themselves as users, without registering, the website will not provide access. In situations when the website is not accessible, the user can make use of the VPN setting and start browsing.

5. Online Watch Movies

A Bollywood fan definitely would not miss this website. It is, as one might say, a home for Bollywood Movies. One would find an amazing range of Bollywood movies here, including Regional movies.

From old to new, and from new to the latest, every Bollywood movie knows its way into this site, providing a wholesome environment for Bollywood movie fans all around the country and the world.

6. Netflix

Who doesn’t know about Netflix? It is this one app that has brought the movie industry to our screens. It is this app that gave us the dream that we could watch movies at the comfort of our homes at our own disposal and fulfilled it.

Netflix gives us access to a variety of movies, both self-produced and others, that have quality and good content. It is by far one of the best alternatives to Yomovies.

It has also produced some amazing movies and series such as The Stranger Things, the Social Dilemma, etc. In order to have access to this app, one has to pay a subscription fee either monthly or yearly, depending on the user.

7. Zmovie TV Online

Zmovie TV Online is one of the best alternatives to Yomovies and all the other apps that charge a subscription fee from their users.

This site provides a wide range of good quality movies for its users, ensuring them all the benefits that one might get from a paid app, at no cost at all.

The only issue or problem in this site is that it can only be streamed online. Users are not given access to download the movie, rather one has to watch it online.

8. Amazon Prime Videos

This app has a library of movies, web series, shows, and many more to provide for its users. It is one of the best alternatives to Yomovies and is currently in high demand too.

Amazon Prime, like Netflix, also produces movies and series of its own to entertain its users. They are known for the quality and content of the movies and series they provide.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are quite similar in manners like they both charge a subscription fee from their users, either monthly or annually, depending on the user.


There are no limits to what we can achieve in the virtual world today. The word boredom has its way of vanishing when sites like these are running actively today. There is no movie or series that cannot be found on the internet.

It is amazing how movies of all sorts and genres are available at our disposal with the click of a button. However, there are some sites that are pirated and might cause trouble for the ones using it, like Yomovies.

With everything connected with our smartphones today, our privacy is at stake when attacked by viruses that might infect our devices coming through such pirated apps.

It is always safe to use a legal app and site for everything, that will ensure our privacy and we can use it without a hint of worry.