Xfinity Mobile Com Activate Guide

After purchasing an Xfinity mobile you need to activate it by following a simple process. For this to happen easily and quickly you need to have the fastest network available in your area. You are all set to activate Xfinity services just by going through the steps listed in this article.

4 Easy Steps To Activate Xfinity Mobile Phone At

The users can activate the Xfinity services by following the easy 4 steps listed below. Let’s not waste time and dive straight into the activation process of the Xfinity mobile and its services.

Unbox your Xfinity Mobile phone and sim card: When we purchase a mobile what is the first step we do? Unboxing and finding all the products inside. Exactly, the first step is to unbox your mobile device. You have to unbox the mobile box and the items come along in the box like earphones, chargers, and other things as well.

Xfinity Mobile Com Activate
Xfinity Mobile Com Activate

When you open the mobile from the box, you will find the mobile is switched off. Keep the mobile in the same mode until we move further in the activation process.

Insert Xfinity Sim card: After unboxing the mobile, the next step is to insert the sim in the mobile. You can easily find out the sim card from the mobile box. Ensure to place the sim in the right position and in the right slots provided on the mobile.

This can also be done by following the instructions provided on the mobile box. If you have used an old mobile in the past, this process can be made easy for you to complete. You can also take your BOYD mobile and insert the sim into the new or existing mobile device.

NOTE: Xfinity will not mix match your sim cards as it labels different cards with its provider name (If the user wants to activate its services for the whole extended family as well)

Access After entering the sim you need to go to the activation page of the Xfinity mobile. This process can be made easy after you enter the sim card. After logging on to the page, you will need to enter the login credentials there correctly. If you don’t have an account then you will have to create one using an appropriate link. After logging in you have to choose the device correctly.

NOTE: Choose “I want a new number” if you want to have one. You can also log in using the existing mobile and if you want to export then you need to have the credentials like pin from the previous carrier, an account number, and other required information. You can get the details by calling your provider, carrier or checking the previous bills.

Activate: This is the last stage of your Xfinity mobile activation process. You have to click on the “Activate” button available there to complete the activation of your mobile. After clicking the activate button and completing the process you will be notified with a confirmation email.

That’s it you have to activate your mobile and you are ready to get services from Xfinity. In case you are stuck, you have to follow the below steps to get assistance and support in activating the Xfinity on your devices.

How To Contact Xfinity Mobile Support?

If you want any help in activating Xfinity on your mobile then, you can follow the mobile support for resolving the queries. You can contact experts and professionals at the page.

Step 1: Navigate to the com/activate page. On the “search support” box search for your query there. In no time you will get results regarding problems like Coverage & Network, plan & billing, Device, getting started, and account, other related details.

Step 2: If in case your query is not listed there then, you can click on “Ask Xfinity” and ask your query there. This will allow you to chat with the professionals for solving your queries regarding the Xfinity activation on your device.


Xfinity is of course an awesome service to be activated on your device. This article guides you and allows you to activate the Xfinity on your Xfinity mobile. These are the steps you need to follow while activating Xfinity on your mobile device. Hope this article is helpful and solves all your queries regarding the activation of the Xfinity on your Xfinity mobile device.