WhiteBIT Crypto Exchange and Its Token

WhiteBIT is a young service for crypto trading and investment. The platform operates officially and complies with all the requirements of European regulators. It is the biggest exchange in Europe with over 2 million registered clients.

The Features of WhiteBIT:

  • Low transaction costs.
  • Smart staking.
  • High speed of transactions proceeding.
  • Availability to invest directly from a bank card and withdraw money back.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Demo trading.
  • Over 400 crypto pairs.
  • The WBT token with its benefits.

WhiteBIT Token

WBT is a native asset of the WhiteBIT platform that was designed with the idea of bridging the platform with other projects built on its basis. Using this token, other blockchain projects will have the ability to grow their opportunities.

WhiteBIT Crypto Exchange and Its Token

When you buy wbt token, you receive access to numerous extra features and earning options.

The emission of WhiteBIT tokens is limited to 400,000,000. Half of them are treasury and are blocked for a period of 3 years. The WhiteBIT platform sold 78 million tokens on the private token sale. These tokens are blocked for 3 months and will be gradually unlocked starting from 20%.

The WBT USDT pair is now traded at $5,57 (as of the middle of September 2022). Part of the tokens is regularly burned to support its treasury.

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What can you do with WBT? There are some options the platform has prepared for you:

  1. Own tokens. Buy WBT and keep it on your main balance. It will give you discounts for takers and makers fees.
  2. Hold tokens locked. It will give you advantages such as an increased percentage in the referral program (up to 50%), free AML checking, etc.

The WhiteBIT platform prepares more interesting activities with WBT (airdrops, trading tournaments, etc.), where tokens will serve as a reward. Keep track of the WhiteBIT updates.