What Needs to Happen for Raiders to make Playoffs

The Raiders began the 2021 NFL season 3-0 and 5-2. But to get into the AFC Playoffs for the first Time, which stands for Las Vegas, still needs one more win in 2022.

Before Week 18, here’s how the Raiders can win a wild-card playoff spot behind the Chiefs and make it to Super Bowl 56:

What Needs to Happen for Raiders to make Playoffs

Las Vegas can either make its own luck or take a chance by rolling the dice. There are three ways for the team to get into the playoffs.

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1. Raiders Win in Week 18

The Raiders, who are currently the No. 8 seed in the AFC, will host the Chargers, who are currently the No. 7 seed, on Sunday night (8:20 p.m. ET).

If Las Vegas can even the season series against Los Angeles as a field-goal underdog and get revenge for a 28-14 loss in Week 4 at Los Angeles, it would get a spot, bumping Los Angeles out of the playoffs with a 10-7 record.

2. Colts Lose, but Raiders tie

Even if the Raiders and Chargers tie in overtime, which is unlikely, they can still get in at 9-7-1 if the Colts, who are currently No. 6, drop to 9-8.

The Colts, on the other hand, are a huge favourite on the road against the Jaguars. In that case, the Chargers would also make the playoffs with a 9-7-1 record.

3.The Raiders lose, but so do the Colts and Steelers.

Even if they lost to the Chargers, the Raiders would still have a chance. Before they could play on Sunday night, the Colts would have to lose to the Jaguars and the Ravens, who are slight home favourites, would have to beat the Steelers.

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If those things happen, the Raiders, the Colts, and the Ravens would all have 9-8 records.

In that three-way tie, there’s no need to look hard for a way to break it. The Raiders beat the Ravens in Week 1 and the Colts in Week 17.

This makes them the No. 7 seed behind the Chargers, which is better than both teams.