8 ‘Ustream’ Alternatives In The New Cloud Video Era

Nowadays, live streaming has become very popular to interact with audiences or with other users. There are a lot of sites and applications available online which can be used for live streaming. One of such sites is Ustream which is used by a lot of people for love interaction with other online users.

Due to some reason, Ustream is not available on the internet or will vanish off soon. In such a situation, you may search for any other such best site for live streaming of videos. There is no need to worry as we have presented you with this article with a list of such sites.

You can use them for live streaming of videos, to build up a conversation with other users via chatting and you can connect them on a video call. So let’s get started.

8 Best Ustream Alternatives

Ustream is a good app but here we have provided you with a list of the best 8 sites which can be used as a great alternative to Ustream. You can use them for the live streaming of videos. All of the sites are best. Hope you will like them. So let’s have a look at them.

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1. YouTube Live Streaming

So let’s start with the most popular platform which is known by almost everyone who uses the internet nowadays. When looking for live streaming, YouTube generally doesn’t come to mind. But this one is also outstanding for live streaming and not only for playing videos on it. YouTube has provided a live streaming feature since 2011.

To start live streaming on YouTube, you will need to set up an account and provide your contact number to verify your account. After account setup, you will get a link to host live streaming on YouTube. You can host streaming of any criteria like gaming, sports, tutorials, adventure, etc anything you and your audience like. It will also allow you to build a conversation with your audience.

2. Livestream

Our next platform in the list is Livestream which allows you to host a live streaming video or to watch it online. You can use this platform to watch videos of many criteria like music, local news, sports, and a lot of other events taking place all around the world.

You can use any of your smart devices like tablet, smartphone, laptop, computer etc to broadcast live video on Livestream. You can use its website or app as both are available. You can invite your friends by sending a link to them via text message, email, Instagram, Facebook, or any other instant messaging. You can also follow other users and get a notification when they are streaming live.

3. Twitch

Twitch is our next site in this list whose former name is Justin.tv. It has become the most popular social video platform in the online world, especially for gamers. It is widely used by more than a million users from all around the world to broadcast live streaming and is used by about 100 million communities to watch videos and discuss it.

You can use it to stream videos of different criteria like sports scenes, any event, media outlets, casual content, and much more. It also allows you to build a conversation with other gamers on this site. You can also watch the videos on the big screen by using Chromecast to send videos on big screen devices.

4. Bambuser

Now our next site in the list is Bambuser. It also allows users to broadcast live streaming videos on this site. It is specially dedicated to app developers of both Android and iOS as it allows them to broadcast live streaming videos to integrate mobile applications.

It provides a lot of features that can fulfill your live streaming needs like free personal account, page customization and much more. It is supportable in both iOS and Android devices. So you should give it a try and I am pretty sure it’s worth trying this site.

5. Facebook Live

Facebook is something which is very popular amongst youngsters and people from other age groups too. It is a very popular instant messaging app that provides a lot of other features also.Recently, Facebook has introduced live streaming feature which was first available for celebrities only but now it is available for all users.

You can broadcast any of your love videos on this app easily. You can also provide a little description of your live video so that people can easily get to know about your streaming. After the ending of the love video, it will get uploaded on your timeline automatically if you don’t delete it. You can also watch real-time likes and comments on your live video.

6. Periscope

Now let ducks our next platform in the list which is Periscope. This is also a very great app for live streaming and you can use it for any kind of live streaming videos to live interact with your online audience. The current owner of this app is Twitter. It will notify your audience instantly about your live video who followed you.

It allows your audience to send heart and to comment on your video while live streaming. The users are free to choose if this live streaming video will be available later or not. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

7. Meerkat

Here we go to our last second site in the list which is Meerkat. This one is also an outstanding platform for live video chatting with your audience. You just have to put a little effort in it to register on the site and then you are done to enjoy video chatting, text chatting and even group chatting whatever you want.

It also allows you to perform live streaming and to connect with your audience live. You can also find new people randomly to connect with them and to chat with them by any medium of your choice either text or video chat. So try it for once and enjoy chatting with people.

8. Blab

So finally let’s talk about our last site on the list which is Blab. This site is mostly dedicated for those who love watching people talking to each other. Doesn’t it sound crazy? This site was launched by Bebo. You can simply call this site a live show of people talking to each other.

On this site, users are allowed to have video chats with a maximum of 4 people at a time by using the split-screen feature and this conversation can be seen by people who are watching it. Unfortunately, this site is available for only iOS devices and not for Android devices. You can take this app as fun or like a debate going on between people.

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So here we have completed our whole list of 8 different and best sites which you can use for live streaming, to connect with people, and have a love conversation with other users. Even viewers are allowed to react to your video and send comments for you.

All of them must use sites which you should try for sure. You can pick any site in the list which you found to be more suitable for your needs and choices. So try it and enjoy live streaming. Thank you for reading our article.