The Default Gateway is Not Available I 100% Fix

For all the Windows 8 or Windows 10 users, you may have a complete user interface overhaul and improvements. But, you may have encountered the issue of networking and connectivity. The most common issue is The Default Gateway is Not Available. Due to this issue, users may have found a problem in their internet connection or even not having accessibility to the internet. Also, they usually have a limited internet status icon on the network symbol.

Looking at all these issues, when you would go for the solution in Windows diagnostic tools, you may have come up with the cause that The Default Gateway is Not Available. It can be occurred by Mcfee product or due to Windows 8 auto-login feature to outdated and obsolete network adapter drivers.

How I Fixed The Default Gateway Is Not Available

If thinking of moving ahead to fix the issue, you should first power cycle the router. To execute the process, turn off your router and modem if the router is hooked up to the ISP modem for few minutes and turn it ON now. If the problem still persists, then go with some of the best following solutions:

5 Ways to Fix The Default Gateway is Not Available Error

Method #1 Remove McAfee Programs

McAfee security program is one of the major causes of The Default Gateway is Not Available to issue. So, if you have any McAfee security program, then you uninstall them by using the steps: control panel> programs> programs and features. Aside from this, you can also go to the option add and remove programs by holding Windows key and pressing R along with typing the term appwiz.cpl in the Run dialog.

If this is a useful method and is able to fix the error then, you go further with installing the alternatives of the McAfee program that you just deleted. And do check that you have completely deleted all the files and programs of McAfee. In case, this solution is not fixing the error, and then you can go for the second solution.

Method #2 Disable the Auto Logon Feature

Another reason for creating the error of default gateway is not available, which is generally reported by the Windows 10 users is the auto-logon feature that Microsoft introduced with Windows 8 as well. Whenever you start your computer, the auto-logon feature logs the user account which was still in use when the computer shuts down.

There are no such methods or instructions to disable the very feature but, what you can do is create a password in all the accounts that you are currently using in your computer system. This method prohibits the activation of auto-login feature and every time you wish to activate it, and you can enter your password and proceed ahead.

Further, if you forget the password, then try to make your password simple and easy to remember. If not, then you can create password hints as well. Moreover, you can also switch to Microsoft account instead of using the previous local account which will allow you to reset your password whenever you need via email or another source.

Method #3 Update Your Network Adapter’s Drivers

In this solution, you will first need to search the device manager and open it. Then, expand the network adapters. After that, right-click on it which is just in use in your computer system (for instance- Broadcom 802.11a network adapter). Now, click on update driver software in the contextual menu.

Moving on further, go for the option “Search automatically for updated driver software”. This will enable the window to search and download the available software updates for the network adapter’s drivers.

In addition to this, if the driver updates state that the network adapter is updated already then, we recommend affirming that it is actually up to date. To make a complete check, go to the official website of the computer’s network adapter manufacturer. Go through the page and examine whether the latest version of the network adapter’s driver is available or not. If it is there, then immediately install it in your computer system.

If there is a problem in keeping a stable internet connection for its update, then search for the option of troubleshooting and open the Windows troubleshooter, then click on network and Internet → Internet Connections → Next → Troubleshoot my internet connection and then follow the instructions given on-screen.

You will observe that the internet connection is restored. If the process is not working correctly, then download the latest drivers directly. Download it for the affected computer’s network adapter from the official website. Lastly, transfer it to the affected computer by pen drive or any other hardware resource.

Method #4 Uninstall Your Network Adapter’s Drivers

The most commonly used method is uninstalling the network adapter’s drivers for fixing the issue of The Default Gateway is Not Available on Windows 8. If you go for this option, you can safely install the secured version next time as the system will first automatically reboot the computer system and then reinstall its drivers.

Using the pre-mentioned method. You will first need to search and open the device manager. Extend the network adapters. Then, right-click on the network adapter which is in current use. Go to the option uninstall. Mark on the confirm option, restart your computer now to see if the problem is solved or not.

Method #5 Change Your Network Adapter’s Drivers

The most common method to fix the error is to switch the network adapter driver with a different set of drivers. So, if you wish to use this method then.

Step 1: Search for and open the device manager.

Step 2: Expand the network adapters.

Step 3: Then, right-click on the network adapter you are currently using.

Step 4: After that, click on update driver software on the given menu.

Step 5: For driver software, click on browse my computer.

Step 6: Finally, click on the option. Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. Uncheck the Show compatible hardware.

If the above procedure can fix the issue, then there is no need to look for another one. But, if the problem still exists in your computer system, then again switch the network adapter’s drivers to a different set from the pop-up list. More or less, you may find the network adapter’s driver appropriate for the computer system and unaffected by the problem of driver gateway is not available and to make the stability and speed of the internet smooth and fast.

Method #6 Disabling Power Conservation Options

Coming off the latest versions of Windows with power-saving features in the market, the feature is useful to conserve power. Also, it helps you to work in a low battery percentage as well. Because of using this feature, it sometimes does not work properly or may disable the drivers permanently. Fortunately, this feature is easy to disable, and the steps are:

Step 1: Click on the “Windows + R” key simultaneously to open the run prompt.

Step 2: Then type “devmgmt.msc” and hit Enter.

Step 3: From the list double click on the “Network Adapter” option.

Step 4: Right-click on the driver and select “Properties”.

Step 5: Click on the option “Power Management” option. Uncheck the “Allow the computer to turn off this advice to conserve power” option.

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These are the best and sorted methods to fix The Default Gateway is Not Available issue. No need to panic about the errors which you have encountered while gaming, operating or performing other tasks as well. There is a problem for every solution. Hence, you just need to know the causes and move ahead to cure that effectively without taking any time. Multiple errors and issues are common among users who used to do their every task on the computer system.

Going through these methods may help you in a way to fix the error in hard times as well. You need to be careful about the steps and software running in your computer system. So, without thinking much, just execute any of the solutions to quickly resume your work. Then run the computer system efficiently. We hope that the article is beneficial for you. Or else, you can check for hardware components as well.