Jordan Chiles has Unusual off Day for US Gymnasts

Many gymnastics fans were interested to see how Jordan Chiles performed in qualifications, and whether or not she would advance to the all-around or event finals, or be disqualified due to gymnastics’ two-per-country rule.

Jordan Chiles has Unusual off Day for US Gymnasts

Jordan Chiles has Unusual off Day for US Gymnasts

She was having a terrible afternoon. Chiles, 20, received just a 12.866 on the bars and then completed the day with two falls on beam, one on an acrobatic series and another on her dismount. This put her in third place, behind the top two Americans in every category.

Although the U.S. team will be striving for a far better showing in the final, she will almost probably bring home a medal anyway.

Chiles placed third in the all-around at the Olympic Trials a month ago, behind only Simone Biles and Sunisa Lee. She is normally a well-rounded and consistent gymnast, and she was the only U.S. team member who had no big mistakes in any of the four main domestic contests this year. That implies she did 24 routines and hit all of them.

Chiles, though, had a hard journey to the Olympics, repeatedly missing out on key international championships and almost retiring in 2018 because, she said, “I didn’t think the sport needed me anymore.”

When asked how she could improve her skills, Biles suggested that Chiles move to Texas to train at World Champions Centre, her gym. Chiles took the counsel to heart.


After being left off the squad for the 2019 world championships, Chiles performed so well in 2021 that she was essentially a lock for Tokyo before the trials even began, making her one of the biggest beneficiaries of the postponing of the Games.

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