How Far is Uvalde From San Antonio

About halfway between San Antonio and the Mexican border, Uvalde is a tiny, working-class city located about 80 miles to the west.

A considerable percentage of the city’s 15,200 residents are of Mexican ancestry, suggesting that it is part of an area with a high concentration of Latinos. It is home to a large population of people who either were born in the United States or who have been long-term residents of the area.

How Far is Uvalde From San Antonio

How Far is Uvalde From San Antonio

Also, there’s a CBP checkpoint in town for those coming from the States.

According to the American Community Survey, a census report with more in-depth data than the standard census, more than 40 percent of residents in the area around Robb Elementary had lived in the same residence for at least 30 years.

It has a relatively young population. Over a third of the city’s population is below the federal poverty line, and this proportion is significantly higher than the national average. Uvalde is a “beautiful, tight-knit town,” as stated by Representative Joaquin Castro on Twitter.

Even though George Santizo only recently relocated to Uvalde, he claims to have seen the suspect about town.

Mr. Santizo remarked, “In this town, everybody knows everybody.” Because this is a rather small town, I’ve run across him before.