Heres What Dansby Swanson said before the Braves Played the

In many respects, Dansby Swanson has taken over for Freddie Freeman. After the longstanding Atlanta Braves player left, it was up to Swanson to pick up the slack.

He has developed into a steadfast leader and a vital cog in the team’s offence and defence. He did not have a fantastic start to the year, but things have turned around for the shortstop.

If you’re a Braves fan, this is the Dansby Swanson you were hoping for in 2016. In spite of the fact that it may have taken a few years, he is finally starting to mature into his own person.

heres what dansby swanson said before the braves played the

Heres what Dansby Swanson said before the Braves Played the

Swanson’s slash line of.304/.361/.507 with an OPS of.868 was reported at the time this was written. He has started all 81 games this season, and in those games he has hit 14 home runs, driven in 49 runs, and collected 93 total hits.

Because of his 18 doubles and 52 runs scored, he is the team’s most potent offensive threat. When it comes to offensive WAR, his 3.1 is tied for third in the National League behind only Willson Contreras of the Chicago Cubs and Jose Abreu of the Colorado Rockies.

As of right now, he has as many RBI as Pete Alonso of the New York Mets and Manny Machado of the San Diego Padres (tied). In a nutshell, Dansby Swanson has been a lifesaver for the squad. First, let’s delve in and take a closer look.

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This is Dansby Swanson Versus The League.

Swanson is a top performer in the lumber category around the league. His.372 wOBA places him in the top 10% of MLB hitters and 23rd in the league.

That’s a huge jump from where Swanson was a few years ago. His.276 wOBA last season was dead last among MLB players. His accomplishments this year have well beyond even previous year, when his wOBA was a solid.322. On average, his batted ball velocity has increased by one mile per hour from previous season, while his batted ball force has increased by 5%.

These tweaks may not seem like much, but they will add up to big things in the long run.

Swanson’s last 250 at-bats provide abundant evidence of this. During that time, he has improved from a.207 hitter with a.278 wOBA to a.325 hitter with a.396 wOBA.

Both are the best in baseball over that time frame and represent an increase of.118 from his previous standards.

Swanson’s slugging percentage is up to.214, while his expected slugging percentage is up to.238. These are tremendous benefits for a Braves team that, at times this season, has lacked a clear offensive leader. Swanson has stepped into the position and is making headway.

Selectedness Enhancement

Also, Dansby Swanson is now much more selective at the plate. His fastballs were worth +5 runs to the team last year. His plus/minus for the year now stands at +11.

He has also improved his slider run value from a 0 to a +6. This is especially impressive given his reputation for chasing pitches that are low and out of the strike zone. Swanson was faced with 24.3% sliders last year. Teams were well aware that he would offer.

Despite seeing more sliders this season (26.5% so far), he is now in a better position to handle them.

The Fiery June of Dansby Swanson

Even more so in the month of June, when Dansby Swanson literally scraped the competition’s pitchers over the hot coals. He hit seven home runs and drove in 19 runs while maintaining an impressive.330/.390/.563 batting line and an OPS of.953.

In terms of output, his 37 hits and 22 runs scored were very productive. On the whole, he was able to boost his batting average by over 30 points. His strikeout rates remained high despite his outstanding performance. 29 of his 112 at-bats resulted in a strikeout, for a strikeout rate of 26%.

Some admirers might overlook this, though, if the rest of the artist’s oeuvre reads as cohesively as this one does.

The shortstop for the Braves also had a fantastic month in every other respect. Specifically, his own runs. In terms of his wRC and wRC+, he scored 24 and 163, respectively. Only Carlos Correa of the Minnesota Twins had a higher wRC+ among shortstops during this time frame.

Swanson has the highest wRC at the position, three points higher than runner-up Amed Rosario of the Cleveland Guardians.

In light of the evidence, Dansby Swanson deserves praise as one of the greatest National League shortstops this month. We can argue about whether or not he earned Player of the Month, but the numbers don’t lie.

Equal Defense

Swanson has helped on defence, which is an often overlooked aspect of his play. Indeed, there was never much of a question about his glove, and this season has been no different.

To put it another way, he’s been like a wall of steel down the left field line for the Braves. Six of his outings have been better than average, putting him in the top 10 in the league.

In terms of defensive performance, the Cubs’ shortstop Nico Hoerner is currently the man to beat. When it comes to OAA and runs prevented, Dansby Swanson is only two and three, respectively, behind him.

His 77% win percentage ranks him in the top 15 in the league. In a nutshell, in the right context, he has the potential to challenge the league’s best all-around shortstops.

MVP Contender: Dansby Swanson

In conclusion, Dansby Swanson is a serious MVP contender despite not being considered one prior to the season. He’s made great strides at the plate, and those improvements only seem to be becoming bigger and bigger with each game.

Swanson’s offensive strategy now includes a stubborn reluctance to give up, which should lead to a decline in strikeouts if he keeps it up. He’s flourished as the team’s number two hitter. When added to his plus glove grade, Braves supporters should be overjoyed.

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Many people were thrilled by Swanson’s 2016 promotion to the major leagues. Because he was one of the most promising players in the history of the squad, the excitement was well-deserved.

This author attended one of his first games. Even with half of Turner Field empty, the crowd’s reaction to his first hit reflected the buzz. His first few seasons in the majors were less than stellar. However, something seems to be clicking this season.

“This is a stretch where it appears like Dansby has found something out,” said Braves outfielder Adam Duvall. He’s holding it together.”