10 Best Sites Like FMovies to Watch Free New Movies and TV Shows Online

Watching Movies in free time is among the vastly used way to spare the past time. Nowadays, the demand for good movies is increasing exponentially. Considering the present scenario, and on account of previous experience, we can conclude that in upcoming time, it will increase more and the demand is directly showing the consumption i.e., movies were viewed worldwide. The movie industry is growing in all parts of the world. This tells us how much people love to watch movies and enjoy them a lot.

In the entrainment world, the movie industry has acquired a huge community that loves to watch movies. There are a lot of other ways by which anyone can kill their time, but a majority of people love to watch movies besides doing other things. That shows movies have a special place in the entertainment world.

There are a lot of options available to watch movies. In the age of digitization, where everyone has a smartphone, it has increased the number of viewers. Many paid sites and applications are available which provide thousands of movies in their database, but they cost you a huge amount of money. So many free sites are also created to watch movies for free.


There is one trendy site among these free movie streaming sites, which is known as FMovies. FMovies is a viral and most used site for streaming free movies. It has a good and wide variety of movies in its database, which is updated daily. FMovies many more additional features than another website, like high speed, which is crucial for streaming movies online, enhancing your watching experience. FMovies do not pop up many ads while watching movies, which is also a good thing. These features are important for unhindered entertainment.

10 Best Sites Like FMovies to Watch Free New Movies and TV Shows Online

If we only have the FMovies option for watching movies, then it can be a problem. Because sometimes the Fmovies site can get slow due to huge traffic. Therefore, so we need the alternative of FMovies. So below there is some great alternative of FMovies is mention for you that you can try as an alternative of FMovies.

1. MovieTube

MovieTube is the first website in the list that can be selected as a good alternative to FMovies, which you can try. MovieTube has almost all the same features that are offered by the FMovies. MovieTube has a big and wide variety of movie options in its database, from Hollywood to Bollywood. It has an advanced search option where you can search for your movie very easily.

Talking about ads on this site, you will never get a complaint about that this site pop-up infrequent ads on the site you will never get any issue while watching movies. Movie tube is a really good alternative to FMovie it has many things to offer as we have in FMovie like a huge database, fewer ads, and an advanced search option, which is an additional point of Movie Tube over FMovie.

2. HouseMovie

House Movie is yet another good alternative of FMovies, as its name suggests it is a full packed house of movies. House movies have simple and a huge variety of movies in the database it has all important option to provide its user, with a simple interface. It has a simple interface which makes this site easy to use and attractive. House Movie makes the user comfortable to use the site it is built for everyone a new user can use this site very easily and has no issue while browsing the site.

Nowadays with increasing movies, web series, and online streaming short movies the craze is also increasing due to which traffic on the site is also increasing day by day. It has some of the best web series in a database of the website which is very important to attract more users towards the site.

3. DownloadHub

Download Hub is a site that has a very useful and important feature that attracts more uses towards the site which is you can download your favorite movies are like a cakewalk. Downloading features are very different and good, favorite movie streaming feature will help you to watch your favorite movie and you can also download it.

Downloading the movie gives you much independence you can watch the movie at your preferred time and you don’t have to watch a full movie on the one go you can split your movie into many parts and you can watch at your preferred time. Download hub has a simple interface as, like other movie streaming sites, this site helps the user to watch and download various movies of all kinds. Downloading movies is the very big plus point of this site and it gives a good choice of an alternative of FMovies.

4. BobMovies

Bob movies is also a good option for streaming movies this site is not so popular but it is a good alternative if you feel any problem with other mentioned sites. This site is a good substitute it has all the popular movies and has good huge collection of assorted movies.

This site has some issues regarding ads that it shows adults ads some time which is a severe issue not so good for streaming. But it is a good site with a simple and good collection it can be a good option as an alternative to FMovies. Ads are not shown frequently it shows fewer ads which is a good point of this site.

5. HD Popcorns

HD Popcorns is another vastly used site for streaming movies because it has unique and provides you with a promising experience. HDPopcorn provides you with the most important thing that is important for streaming movies that are selecting the quality of the movie. For watching a movie you need to select the quality of the movie which is not available on many other sites but it is available in HD movies.

On this site, you can select the quality of movies from 144p to HD which is very rare in this type of free movie streaming site. HD movies don’t have only this feature it has many more features like fewer ads, advance search and many more to offer this site is a good alternative site of FMovies. HD movies have many things to offer and it also has advance features and their quality selection option is very unique and advance option in this type of sites.

6. Movie DDL

Movie DDL is yet another good alternative of FMovies which you can mark in your list it is not so good looking site. Movie DDL has many issues and users always have a problem with the site which is not good for the site. Movie DDL has simple and popular movies on the site has a simple and dull interface and has a lot of faults which is reported by users.

Movie DDL has regular up-gradation and the latest list of movies on the site and has a good category choice of movies. Bugs in this site can be a negative point you can use this site of you won’t feel to use other sites but if you have other option in the list so you should go for them. The last verdict for this site can be that it’s good but it has some bugs in the site so it has some issues while using. So you should keep this as a last option.

7. MovieWatcher

Here comes another interesting and fascinating alternative to Fmovies. MovieWatcher is a good choice that has many options to offer which users of this site are enjoying for a long time. Movie Watcher has many latest movies with the latest updates, on a daily basis which are loved by users and attract many new users. Movie Watcher has a beginner-friendly interface which is one of the objectives of this site. Movie Watcher allows you to access many different kinds of movies where you can choose between many different movies.

It has one big point which is liked by the user that this site launches new movies on this site very early, new movies launch help this site to make to the list. Movie Watcher has a simple and huge collection that makes it a good alternative to FMovies. Movie Watcher is a site that wants to watch ordinary popular movies with no issues so they can use this site it is a good choice for them.

8. HD Movies Point

HD Movies Point is yet another good alternative of FMovies which you can check it. HD Movies Point has all the popular movie collection in very rare HD quality there is only some site which provides movie in HD and HD Movies Point is one of them. HD movies are loved by all the people and not many sites offer HD quality, so those some who offer HD quality has always had plus point.

HD movies point HD quality has loved this site users they have no complaints from this site so if you are a fan of HD quality you can check HD movies point for the HD quality. You will never get any issue with using this site and it is pretty much the same as FMovies it has almost the same collection and had the same interface also. You will never think that you are using a different site.

9. SeeHD

SeeHD is yet another alternative of FMovies and it has many things to mention its main features of that it offers you HD quality content which is a good thing about this site. HD quality is always is a great point for this type of online movie streaming website, which is present in this site and HD quality is not the only thing that this site offers you there are a lot of things that this site offers.

With HD quality this site also provides you with a simple interface which is also a delicate point of this site a good interface makes the user experience good with the site good interface is important and this site has it, with the good interface an advance search feature is also important. This site is a good alternative to FMovies you can check it out free.

10. Archive Movie

Archive Movie is another option in this list which is an alternative to Fmovies it is also a worthwhile site to use. You will feel this site will be of old times because the interface is a little bit dull which is not liked by many users. This site provides all the free things that you will find on other sites. This site offers you a lot of categories options which you can explore and make choice among them to watch movies or you can do many more things on this site.

This site has one thing that others have an issue that is ads this site gives you fewer ads compare to other Fmovies alternatives. This site has many more things to offer like web shows and documentaries etc which is a great point of this site. Archive Movie could look old and dull but it is a good alternative of FMovies, this site can give you good content.

Wrapping up!

You just go through top alternatives of FMovies where you can go through different movies and TV shows in some sites, you how to have many times as alternatives you can check it out and try them. We will suggest you check more than 2 to 3 sites because these types of sites do not remain for a long time they come and go so you can mark more than 3 sites on your list. FMovies is a good site but having some alternatives and trying them is a great choice because it gives you independence and gives you a chance to try new features.