Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Official Rules Breakdown

There will be a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, in about 24 hours.

It’s widely accepted that Mayweather will win the fight, despite Paul’s substantial advantages in height, reach, and weight. The rules of their fight, though, make it appear that both Mayweather and Paul will come out on top.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Official Rules Breakdown

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Official Rules Breakdown

According to ESPN, there will be no declared victor. There will be only one referee on hand instead of the usual three, although knockouts are still permitted. There is also a three-knockdown rule in play. If Paul or Mayweather receives three knockdowns in the same round, the fight will be stopped immediately.

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Although Mayweather and Paul had originally agreed to fight using 12 oz. gloves, they have now opted to wear 10 oz. gloves in an effort to maximise the likelihood of a knockout. However, a victor will not be declared even if a victory is recorded in the last seconds of the fight.

The rest of their bout will be fairly similar to a standard boxing match. The fight is set to last eight, three-minute rounds, and there will be no protective gear worn by either fighter.

Although Mayweather is the odds-on favourite to win, Paul has been handed a reprieve of sorts by the freshly inducted Hall of Famer.

Weigh-ins are coming up, and predictions have Mayweather coming in at around 160 pounds. Paul, meanwhile, can eat as much as he likes and still be considered healthy at a maximum of 190 pounds. Mayweather has also not used his rehydration clause. In other words, on the night of the battle, Paul can weigh as much as he likes.

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Mayweather has repeatedly said that he is only fighting Paul to excite the spectators, and given the conditions of their fight, it appears that this will be the case.

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