5 Best Sites Like ‘Flixtor’ That Work Right Now

Flixtor is amongst one of the best online entertainment platforms. It is a video search engine that helps us in searching for updated and latest content. You can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows streaming online sitting at your home and relaxing on your couch.

In Flixtor instead of downloading it first, you can stream it and enjoy your favorites, for this reason, it is preferred among the users.

Despite it provides movies for free, it uploads the content by putting the dust in the eyes of those who create the content of entertainment for its public users.

Why Flixtor Suddenly Went Off?

Besides grabbing its place in the market and in the eyes of users suddenly it lost its position. Researches showed different reasons for its downward trajectory.

Some said due to lack of content it went off or maybe for the reason that it is illegal and the content provided to its users by an unfair means, and so it may be caught by the authorities and it completely went off.


Some said its website is under upgrading as concerns are working for the new features in it.

5 Best Sites Like Flixtor That Work Right Now

Though Flixtor was unable to maintain its place among its users and for the demanding public, entertainment and their favorite movies and tv series cant be stopped to stream.

So after a lot of research, the alternatives are ready to switch Flixtor. The alternatives which are coming have been undergone many types of research in accordance with their safety, reliability, and quality.

Now in these alternatives signing will not be an issue and it will be easy to use where there will be no ads to irritate you and also if your VPNs are adblocker.

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1. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy as its name suggests an online streaming site, it comes up with ad-free movies and tv series and has HD quality.


  • Comes up with ad-free content
  • enables users to stream online and download movies and tv series free of charge
  • easily accessible to old and new content
  • streaming and downloading quality like 360p,7800p,HD,1080p.
  • no registration required


It built up its users over time with its fascinating features but at one point it lacked that there was no way to remove the captions coming up with the videos which become obtrusive and it occupied a lot of screen space, but again this was not an issue to be taken in consideration despite the fact it is providing some wanted fascinating features.

Altogether, talking about MoviesJoy is a well-organized site where it managed to gather a lot of users and also an ad free site with content of all your favorites.

2. Popcorn Time

More fascinatingly Popcorn Time comes up with something interesting i.e. in the form of an app instead of a website that attracts most of its users.


  • Online streaming thousands of movies and TV shows
  • Comes up in HD quality
  • Captions can be switched off at your convince.
  • Instantly playback
  • The better option for android users

Despite these features, it comes up with one more interesting feature which grabbed the attention of users that it is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android devices.

Thus Popcorn Time being a multi-platform free software gives up an option to use it once and grab up the said benefits from it.

3. SubsMovies

SubsMovies is an online streaming platform, a platform where you can enjoy yourself with your family and friends and browse your favorite shows and movies.


  • Available in HD quality
  • Fast buffering speed
  • No registration required
  • Easy to access
  • Simple process to start videos
  • Translation of subtitles available

Due to these features and most importantly the new feature that translation of subtitles can be done easily i.e. any subtitle can be translated to your native languages, it gained a huge response.

Thus SubsMovies is a well-systematized site that provides a streamlined interface that makes it easy to operate.

4. Project Free TV

As the name says about PROJECT FREE TV that it brings a free tv interface to your home where you can browse your favorite shows.


  • Latest content available
  • Provides third-party content links
  • Free of cost to use
  • No registration
  • The interface is user friendly

Being a virtuous platform, it is not that much preferable unlike other platforms as it makes interruption i.e. the ads coming in between the videos which are sent by third-party sites and it is strongly advised not to download the content of third party sites.

Altogether project free TV gives you the great feeling of the TV with almost the latest collections of your interest.

5. Watch Series

Watch series is another recently online streaming platform available where users can enjoy their favorite videos by downloading them for free.


  • No location issue can be used anywhere
  • Daily updation of the new content
  • Have access to premium content
  • Less data pack exhaustion

Thus watch series proves to be a platform that helps to eradicate our boredom and filled our routine with happiness and joy. Only popups regarding ads visual and audio ads come but it can be blocked by adblocker.

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We cannot stop the entertainment due to any reason i.e. company going in losses or it’s not working properly its not the concern of users since companies work to satisfy their users and when users do not get what they want so they choose other options to satisfy them.

Thus despite Flixtor’s sudden went off and huge losses to the company and the facts provided in favor, by Flixtor that website is under up-gradation, users were unable to connect again and its coming wasn’t able to gather as many users as it has.

Thus the alternatives that came up at the place of Flixtor reached the masses and able to satisfy them. Thus, if the best VPNs are used all the online streaming sites will be safe to operate and helps you to enjoy the latest content of your favorite movies and shows.