‘FCC Updates’ How Emergency Alerts Will Look On Phone

The Federals Communication Commission had made some changes in the emergency alert system that might prove to be useful in the near or distant future. It combined two categories of textual emergency warning into one – the presidential alerts and the alerts from the Federal Emergency Management Agency had been merged under the National Alerts category.

Now, this was not an overnight decision, and it was not done in one day either. Excruciating planning and discussion and then execution of the plan had led to the ultimate result that we are talking about here today.

The FCC clearly had some goals in their mind while they were updating the emergency alert system. They finally released their goals to the public quite recently.

“The goal of the alerts is to warn the public of natural disasters and other crisis situations and are of ever-increasing importance given the emergencies and disasters Americans have faced in recent years,” the FCC said in a news release.

FCC Updates How Emergency Alerts Will Look On Phone

The false alarm about a missile threat to the residents of Hawaii was the indication that a review and improvement of the system was required at best for the emergency alert system. The new system is going to be tested to make sure that they are actually reliable.

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A Nationwide test had been scheduled for this all over the country. The FCC and FEMA are going to send out wireless test alerts. It is currently scheduled for 2:20 PM ET on August 11th. That is the plan for now. Changes in the plan might occur though they are not expecting it. Anyway, the public will be informed if that’s the case.