9 Best ‘Demonoid’ Alternatives

Demonoid is a popular Torrent index site and BitTorrent tracker, created by a Mexican user named ‘Deimos’ in 2003. It gained popularity over the years, attracting some unwanted attention too along the way.

Demonoid, like other similar services, can be used to search for torrents. It also supports discussion among its users in its user-friendly forums. Demonoid prohibits adult content and malicious software from being shared and downloaded.

It does not require its users to register to use the site, moreover, it has an active forum base too. As a result, Demonoid has millions of users weekly.

What Happened to Demonoid?

With all its virtues, Demonoid did have some vices. It was not uncommon for its servers to have extended downtimes. Political factors caused the servers to be moved occasionally.

Demonoid’s popularity made it go through quite a few roadblocks to earn its place. In 2009, power outages forced the site to be shut down to avoid further hardware damage.

In 2010, DoS attacks began which forced the site to ban Chinese and Taiwanese IP’s for the time being.

To avoid a U.S. government seizure, Demonoid had to change its domain from .com to .me in 2010. Then the domain was changed to .ph in 2012. In 2012, another DoS attack shut the doors to this site for two years, until its return in March of 2014.

Following so many events, many fake sites and scams popper up there and there.

‘Deimos’, the creator of the site, was reported to have died by accidental death in August of 2018. This event led to the closure of the website on September 17, 2018.

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Is Demonoid safe?

 The short and compact answer, yes.

With an active moderator community and various security features. It is indeed no surprise that Demonoid is still a popular choice among users.

The easy availability of malicious software and adult content also makes people think if torrent services are safe to use or not. Demonoid goes an extra mile here and blocks content of this type, hence making Demonoid safe to use.

Is Demonoid Ever Coming Back?

Due to the sudden demise of the creator ‘Deimos’, the website was shut down in 2018. However, a new and improved version of Demonoid was launched in July of 2019 by the staff of the site.

To revive the project and continue the legacy, Demonoid came back and currently is online. Demonoid currently uses Demonoid.is as its main domain. Two additional domains for the site, namely, Dnoid.pw and Dnoid.to are also currently functional and online.

What Is a Torrent?

A torrent is a data transfer protocol in which a user essentially downloads a file not from one central server, but from other user’s devices (peer to peer ). All the users using the torrent client act as mini-servers.

The process of uploading a file via torrent which enables others to download the file is called ‘seeding’.

This reduces the cost and workload of maintaining a central server. To download a file using torrent, one needs a torrent file. Torrent files have a .torrent extension.

Numerous torrent indexes are available for finding the required torrent file. Demonoid, being a great and safe example.

Is Torrent Legal?

Using torrents to download data or “Torrenting” is not illegal. A data transfer protocol is not illegal. What makes users think and believe that torrenting is illegal is the fact that it is common for users to do illegal things on torrents.

Doing illegal things such as accessing, sharing, and downloading illegal content, copyrighted content or unsanctioned content is illegal.

Realistically, torrents are used quite commonly to download movies and games which goes against the copyright and distribution laws. Hence arises the question and notion that torrents are illegal.

The easy availability of pornography and malicious software also makes users think twice before torrenting and makes the local governments consider banning torrents altogether.

If torrents are used to download and share legal content, then certainly, torrents are legal.

Furthermore, some countries have banned torrent sites entirely. This list includes the names of Portugal, Italy, Russia, Malaysia, China among others.

To be safe and sure, always check the laws regarding torrenting in your country.

9 Best Demonoid Alternative

Demonoid may be a great torrent service to use, but there are many Demonoid alternatives available. Here are listed the 9 Best alternatives for Demonoid:

1. ThePirateBay

One of the most famous and notorious names in the torrent circuit. The pirate bay (TBP) has made a name for itself for its many features and many lawsuits. The site also has a .onion address, making the ship of TBP harder to sink. VPN is required in some countries.

Similar to Demonoid, TBP has also seen many ups and downs during its runtime. It currently has no hardware of its own, the entire system of TBP is on cloud hosting services since 2016.

Thus, improving the uptime of the site, reducing the costs, and making the site more portable. All of which, undoubtedly make TBP one of the best alternatives for Demonoid.

2. Limetorrents

Limetorrents is another fairly popular torrent website. One of its most prominent features is its high user-friendliness.

The interface of the website is highly appealing, making it a popular choice for many users. Moreover, Limetorrents hosts mostly verified torrents, making it a relatively safer choice.

Additionally, the site has three proxies, which ensure that the website crashes and downtimes are less frequent.

The proxies also help in increasing the overall security of the website. VPN is required to access the site in a few countries. In conclusion, Limetorrents is one of the safest alternatives for Demonoid.


RARBG is another torrent service that is very popular. As a matter of fact, it has repeatedly made into lists of most visited torrent websites. It was founded a bit later than the Demonoid, in 2008. VPN is required to easily access RARBG from across the globe.

The website is neatly categorized, with each section regularly updated. Making RARBG another great Demonoid alternative.

4. Torlock

Torlock is a torrent service that has a wide assortment of torrents available for users to access. It is not as well known as the other listed alternatives, but it works just as well.

VPN is definitely required for easy and safe access to the site. It even has a well-curated list of the newest and Top 100 most popular torrents on its website. Similar to Demonoid, Torlock is a great torrent site.

5. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 has a popularity that can rival that of The Pirate Bay’s. Torrentz2 can even be said to be the most popular torrent service on this list. The site has a .onion domain. Torrentz was taken down, following which Torrentz2 was formed.

VPN is recommended for security and easy access. It searches for torrents across 50 domains, making it a meta-search engine for torrents.

This wide range combined together with the easy to use interface make it one of the most popular alternatives for Demonoid.

6. Isohunt

Isohunt used to be another popular torrent service. It was taken down in 2013 as the result of legal action taken by the MPAA. Following which Isohunt.to pop up, which became the unofficial replacement.

It boasts of its own client which can be downloaded from its website. Moreover, it also has an active forum base. Isohunt.to even allows users to upload their own torrents.

While the replacement may not be connected to the official IsoHunt, it is still connected to many users.

7. 1337X

1337X is perhaps the most visually appealing torrent service from our list. It holds a very large database collection of torrents.

To ensure their uptime and user accessibility, many domain names have been made by the staff. It also allows users to upload and share their own torrents. Altogether, making 1337X one of the best Demonoid alternatives.

8. Zooqle

Zooqle may be the least popular name on the list. It was launched quite recently, in 2018. It was launched after the shutdown of Bitsnoop, an old and popular torrent service. Zooqle even has in the indexed data of Bitsnoop which it took from them.

It is steadily rising in its user base. The interface of the website is simple and easy to use. In conclusion, Zooqle is one of the most modern and upcoming Demonoid alternatives.

9. SeedPeer

Last but not least in the list, Seedpeer is another lesser-known torrent service. Seedpeer hosts verified torrents and also allows users to upload their own torrents. Its high security and high user accessibility make it a popular choice. Moreover, Seedpeer has many proxies.

Which increases the security and reduces the chances of the website being taken down by attacks. Certainly making Seedpeer one of the most viable Demonoid alternatives.

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With Demonoid came numerous other torrent services. Most of the impostors and unsafe sites were weeded out over time. These 9 alternatives that we have listed are the best to be used.

Nevertheless, security concerns are still valid. To tackle them, the use of a VPN (a virtual private network ) is highly recommended. Hosting and sharing illegal content on torrent services is not recommended. Some countries may overlook but some countries have strict laws regarding the same.

So be smart and be safe and Happy torrenting!