5 Best Alternatives to Bolly2Tolly

Some cheesed popcorn and chilling with your favorite movie at your comfort zone with no worries of time and place is always the idea of entertainment for most of us, but you may compromise sometimes for not getting your desired movie to watch, even if you get, it won’t be free of cost as you wish.

But when we say you can get your loved movie on your television screen free of cost for high quality, this can make you all feel like I am blabbering a hardcore myth. But no, here is where the spell is going to make magic for your desires.

The Potion Named Bolly2Tolly

Don’t forget this single mantra, which can be helpful for you movie lovers. This mantra can mostly work for those ones who are a fan of movies and television shows from local Indian languages, including Hindi, English, Malayalam, Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil, and others.

This particular one will provide you all with whichever movies you guys are searching for, that too in high-quality visuals without too many ads and distractions. But due to certain legal issues such as rules against copyright infringements, bolly2tolly isn’t available everywhere.

Hence, for making the movie admirers satisfied, here we are going to define certain 5 other mantras that can work the same magical powers of bolly2tolly.

Is Bolly2Tolly Legal ?

We all really wished bolly2tolly to be legal, as it quenched our all needs completely without any reduction but unfortunately it isn’t. As bolly2tolly brings pirated copy to the public and in most of the countries piracy is a crime which includes India.

Hence, whoever downloads a movie from bolly2tolly have to be extremely careful as it is obviously considered unsafe. Therefore to protect the safety of the users of bolly2tolly, this site continuously changes its domain name and ensures that the website is virus free.

5 Alternatives Which Can Satisfy You Like Bolly2Tolly

Take a look at all of them.

1. Rainiertamayo

This site is great for those beginners who have only started to download movies now and needs a tutorial to learn about it, as this site is quite easy to understand and has very less complexity for a beginner and this site also has easy to follow tutorials.

This site fulfills your dream combo entertainment package by providing every movie and TV series from every part of the world, at a high-quality visual experience.

It is also completely free to use. Also it provides content in any regional language you opt for, and due to fewer ads you can ensure that your movie experience won’t be disturbed in this site. Hence, this site can be an experience you don’t want to miss.

2. Einthusan

this particular website provides movies of all ages including popular classics to the trendy ones.

Yes, you heard it right; this site can be helpful for classic lovers too and also if you wish to satisfy your old ones desire in movies then this website is a great option.

And also this is known to be the best substitute of bolly2tolly except that you can find a one or two thing more than bolly2tolly, that this website contains comparatively lot more movies and television shows than bolly2tolly and is also easy to use with very simple interface, which makes everyone a pro in movie downloads.

Einthusan is specifically expert in mostly Bollywood movies but also contains a wide range of Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Bengali movies.

3. LosMovies

LosMovies contains a very attractive filter option which makes your search hassle-free, its filters includes alphabetical search, country search, director search, and also numerical searches plus genre searches this makes your road to your favorite movie or TV show quite easy and also the genres include action, adventure, romance, horror and to the end to fiction.

And has movies and TV shows from across the globe that too the wide range expands from classic to latest trending hits. As it is free of cost this can be a good deal which you can choose.

4. 123Movies

This particular site has gone through many descending times, but still this one was a great option for achieving your needs as this was one of the exact duplicate of bolly2tolly which provided free movies and television shows ranging from a wide variety of languages including Hindi, English, Malayalam, Telugu, Punjabi, Guajarati, Marathi, Kannada etc.

And also has a reliable filter which can help you find what you want. As this website includes the options for filtering on the basis of alphabetical order, country, genre, IMDB rating, directors, search bar etc.

5. Letmewatchthis

This site is one of the most favorite online streaming site for many as it provides free high quality movies with many languages including regional languages such as Hindi, English, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Gujarat etc.

It also has many options to search which include search bar, alphabetical search, genre search, director search, language search etc., but if you decide to watch your movie in high quality, better be ready to wait for a while as this can bombard you with ads which can disturb your entertained ambience and relaxed mood.

There is a great advantage that letmewatchthis website provides for its users, that is very less buffering time which can help you stay in the atmosphere of your relaxation. If you are looking for a free and reliable website and ready to spend some time on ads then you better opt this one.


A movie can bring your mind relaxed for 2 and a half hours or more which has the capability of pulling you out of your real life struggles and plus can make anyone stress free.

Relaxing at your own home with your family is not so far now, watching a new released movie in any gadget you own is a miracle for many but now with the help of these websites it has become a mere truth which anyone can rely on.

Hence, when we conclude our mantras, now it’s your time to make your free time magical with the help of these websites. And if you are a fab-fan of bolly2tolly then confidently, we can promise you that you will be a fan of these 5 too.

As these also provide you with free, new, HD movies and TV shows, which covers most of the languages which you were searching for. Therefore, Grab your gadget and indulge in the beauty of an inspiring movie by making your FAM time valuable.