Alibaba Fires Manager Accused of Sexual Assault

The manager of Alibaba has been accused of sexual assault and they have taken the measure to fire that employee.  The manager admitted to “intimate acts” with an inebriated female employee, according to a letter sent to employees by Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang. The memo added the fired manager will “never be rehired.”

“Whether he has committed rape or indecency that violates the law will be determined by law enforcement,” the memo said.

Alibaba Fires Manager Accused of Sexual Assault

While police in Jinan are still investigating the incident, Alibaba said it decided to penalize the manager and other staffers after it “gained clarity on some critical facts on the handling of the incident.”

“When the employee reported a horrendous act such as rape, they did not make timely decisions nor took appropriate action,” Zhang said in the memo.

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Alibaba Chief People Officer Judy Tong will be given a demerit. Zhang criticized HR, saying they “did not pay enough attention and care to our people.”

“At the same time, an emergency response system was absent, and a severe misjudgment was made. In the event of a criminal investigation, they failed to suspend the relevant parties. This indicates a problem in our culture and capacity building. Given this systemic problem, the leadership must be held accountable,” he said.

A spokesperson for the company said in a statement “Alibaba Group has a zero-tolerance policy against sexual misconduct, and ensuring a safe workplace for all our employees is Alibaba’s top priority.”

Zhang called the incident “shameful” and said the company must “rebuild” and “change.”

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While police are still investigating the incident, Zhang said the company is “staunchly opposed to the ugly forced drinking culture.”

“Regardless of gender, whether it is a request made by a customer or a supervisor, our employees are empowered to reject it,” he wrote in the memo.