7 Best Sites Like ‘Afdah’ to Watch Movies Online

Many people love to spare their past time just Watching movies, and many of the people love watching it during their journey, or during their lunch break they watch a full movie part by part that indicates that movies are loved by almost every age group if exclude Kids.

It’s the best part-time that people love to do in their free time. The main difference is among the genre which people love that is some love to watch Comedy movies some like Sci-Fi films other may like to watch Conjuring like movies, that may steal your night sleep.

There are many free and paid movie streaming site that is used by people across the world. Watching online movies gives choice and a smooth experience while watching a movie. Movies are popular all over the world and give people to enjoy their time with their friends, colleague, or family.

Streaming a movie is a great way to watch the movie and enjoy it without any issue. Many streaming sites are present in the market, in which you must know the name of the site called Afdah. This site is the biggest site for streaming the movie online and it is used widely across the globe. Afdah movies are a popular free streaming site for movies this site has a huge number of users.


Afdah has a wide variety of movies to offer, such as action to comedy or romantic to Horror it covers all genres about which a person could think.

And streaming in afdah is the simplest thing to do. You just have to select the movie and select the server in the site and start enjoying your movie. Is afdah is the only site that is available to use because after the site is blocked in many countries, you can only access that site using a VPN.

7 Best Sites Like Afdah to Watch Movies Online

Afdah has no rights in the movies so the government of many countries has blocked that site that is only accessed by VPN in those countries. Many alternatives are present in the market that is good alternatives to afdah to use.

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 1. YesMovies

One of the popular sites for streaming movies and TV shows for free it is yet big site that has a lot of content to offer that you will be can’t bore of it. Yesmovies is a big site for streaming but it has the drawback that it pops up many sites that are not a good thing because it can ruin the smooth experience of the user.

Yesmovies has a lot of content to offer and give you an advanced search option which helps you to find your movie very easily. Yesmovies is a great alternative to Afdah it is almost similar to the site.

2. GoMovies

If you are a fan of high-quality movie streaming then you have to check out the site called GoMovies. It has simple and recommends interface has good suggestions on the first page itself. You can filter out your choices and make the video as per your preferences which is a unique feature offered by the site.

In movies, you will find all recent and common movies on the daily basis. The main feature of the movie is that you will get a preview option of the movie which make your movie-watching experience easy you will find a great choice of the movie.

3. MovieZAP

MovieZAP is one of the simple and very clean sites where you can download and stream movies as per your choice and as many as you can. In movieZAP, you can watch the movie and it also allows you to upload the movies too, that’s why it has a lot of movies in their storage. It is safe to use MovieZAP because this site always takes action on illegal videos that people upload, so you get the real content for the movie. It shows you top-rated movies and tv series at the top.

4. Los Movies

Los Movies is yet one of the best alternatives of the site Afdah, Los Movies has many things in their site as they offer you movies not only in English they provide movies in  different-different languages and they have a huge collection of movies in different languages. The site has one unique feature that it shows subtitles in the movies so it will help people who are not so good in English it helps a lot. It has many different TV shows also in the collection that attract the TV shows lovers also which help to increase the audience of the site.

5. FlimClub

Another same and a nice alternative of the site Afdah which offer the same features and options. FlimClub has very comprehensive content to offer to their users. This site has a unique feature that is you can mail them for your request if you don’t get the movie or series that you want. FlimClub is a great streaming movie site that offers many good and popular movies that you can enjoy for free.

6. Bob Movies

Bob Movies is one of the most famous streaming website specially if we talk about T.V series and movies it has all the recent release, which includes T.V series and movies that launches around the world. This site has massive point that it has one the best collection of tv series around the world. It also has a filter option as other sites have, you can go through a different filter to make your choice which is very useful features. You can also request for the option you are viewing if you don’t get it, this type of features make you connect to the site.

7. Look Movies

Look Movies is an easy and simple website for movies and different language series. Look Movies has high quality streaming speed and this site claims that it has a large collection from others. Look Movies has a lot of option to choose, which makes Look Movies is among the dark horse in the race.

However, Afdah allows everything like a wide range of choose and good streaming speed. If you are not able to find your movie you can also request to upload which is one of the unique features and it has dark interface also which give Look Movies a good choice and a good alternatives to Afdah.

8. PrimeWire

If we are talking about PrimeWire and we Can’t talk about it’s best alternative how can it possible. PrimeWire has this site as the alternative of it, it has pretty much all the same features as PrimeWire has. It has all the features like another site and has a huge wide range of option in the sites which also make it to the list. You can access it around anywhere around the world.

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Afdah is one of the most popular online streaming sites, and it brings fresh movies and TV shows to viewers around the world. The only problem is that Afdah is blocked in many countries, so we need a reliable VPN service. Of course, you can also try the best alternatives to Afdah that we’ve listed in this article to make the choice and we suggest to mark more than 2 or 3 sites that help you in the future.